The Garden Where the Girl Lives

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Religion and Spirituality  |  House: Booksie Classic
This is a short story about a perfect world created to be the second Garden of Eden. This world is to be used when the first world ends.

Submitted: April 09, 2016

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Submitted: April 09, 2016



My body feels heavy. I'm cold and weak, why cant I move? It feels like i'm being held down.
Whats going on? Than it came rushing back. I was shot by the masked man. How could I forget? Did I blackout? I'm scared. I don't want to die. Please someone save me. I'm not ready to die, I don't want to die. A cold wind blew, my body is covered with my own blood and the wind just makes me colder. God please help me, someone please save me. A brilliant light shone overhead. Is this the end? Why me? Why do I have to die? I hear a gentle voice in the distance. A young girls voice. What is she saying? I cant hear her.

“Live, you have to live. If you don't want to die, than the answer is simple isn't it? Just live. If your not ready to die than live. Stay alive. Fight harder if you want to live.” My body begins to feel lighter. I'm no longer cold. The only thing I can think about is the girls voice. I cant see her, where is she? “ You don't have to die ya know? If you want to live than just live. Whats wrong? Cant you hear me?” My vision slowly starts to return. Its as if this young girl is breathing new life into me with every word. “Hey mister. Your not done living are you?” My eyes open, the pain seems to vanish all at once, but I cannot move. “Mister please don't die. If you'll stay than we can play together. We can play fun games like hide and seek.” My body jerks up all at once. I'm alive. I don't know how but the blood is gone, my body feels much better. I'm alive. “ Welcome back to the world of the living mister. Did you enjoy your rest?” I can see her a small girl maybe eight or nine years old, just smiling at me.

“ Were you the one calling me?” I asked with a strange sense of fear in my voice. I don't know why but this girl makes me feel uneasy.

“Yep, that was me.” She spoke with a great cheerfulness in her voice. This girl isn't normal. Anyone would be scared if they just watched someone get shot. “My name is Eve. Whats yours?” What is wrong with this girl, she isn't normal.

“ My name is...” At that moment everything in my head went blank or maybe it had been blank for quite a while. Whatever it was I couldn't recall what my name was.

“Well? Whats your name mister?” The girl spoke again with the same intense level of cheerfulness.

“I don't know, I cant remember.” I was beginning to get scared, but I didn't know why. Than it hit me I was in a bright colorful field. This isn't where I got shot. I remember I was walking home from the bar, all because my boss forced me to come drinking with him. I was shot by a man In a strange looking mask. And somehow I woke up in an unnaturally bright place.

“You don't know your own name? That's silly mister everyone knows their own name. Please tell me, what is your name?” Again with this cheeriness, it was starting to annoy me.

“I told you I don't know what my name is.” I snapped at the girl and instantly I felt ashamed. What kind of grown man yells at a young girl he doesn't even know?

“I'm sorry mister, but don't worry Eve will think of a good name for you.” I was shocked the girl wasn't at all upset with my harsh attitude. What was even more amazing was she was going to name me? Isn't it usually the adult who names the kid? She is just a child after all, if nothing else I should at least humor her. “I got it your name will be Adam.” Adam? Like Adam and Eve, but wouldn't that make us the parents of all humanity, or something like that. No, of course not. I need to stop reading so much into this, shes just a kid. Maybe she doesn't understand who Adam and Eve even are. “Yup Adam that's a good name if I say so myself.” She seemed pleased with herself.

“Okay fine i'm Adam for now at least. So Eve can you tell me where we are?” I am glad i'm still alive, but that doesn't change the fact that i'm not where I was when I was shot.

“What do you mean Adam? This is just, well this is the place I was born in.” Okay now this girl is confusing me. What does that even mean?

“Alright fine you were born here, but than where are your parents?” She may be just a kid but she cant be all alone. She must know where her parents are at least.

“Parents? I don't have any. This is just where Eve was born and its where Eve has lived ever since.” Is this girl for real? Is she enjoying this? She has got to be screwing with me. Shes a kid I need to stay calm and eventually she'll get tired of her game.

“ Okay Eve, but what do you do when your hungry? How do you get food? I had her now, she wont be able to come up with a strange answer to that.

“I eat, the same as you right? When your hungry you eat. The big voice in the sky gives me whatever I want.” What is this crazy girl talking about?

“ A big voice huh? Can you introduce me to this big voice?” This big voice has got to be her parents or at least someone who can make more sense than she can.

“I sure can, but we have to go where the voice is.” Finally we're making some progress.

We started walking and before I knew it we were walking through a rainbow of flowers. It was incredible, the most beautiful garden I have ever seen. “Is this your parents garden?”

“I already told you Adam, I don't have any parents. This garden doesn't belong to anyone it has always been here.” The girl didn't seem to have any reaction to this awe-inspiring garden. I guess she must be used to seeing it.

“How much farther do we have to walk?” I couldn't believe how far we had to go, I was getting exhausted but the girl was full of energy. Jeez, how much endurance do kids have these days?

“Its just over this hill.” I looked ahead and it was a small hill that was covered in white flowers that smelled incredible. A smell that seemed to bring back memories of my mother baking desserts that filled my childhood home with love. Truly amazing.

As we reached the top the girl started to pick the flowers into a bouquet in her arms. “Alright than, where is this big voice?” I was becoming a bit tired of this girls game. I felt an overwhelming sensation of peace flow through me.

“Hello there Eve, what can I do for you today?” I couldn't believe it a loud but somehow soothing voice spoke. Where is the voice coming from though? The clouds?

“Hi there big voice, I brought someone who wanted to speak to you.” What is going on, this is insane.

“Oh that's rare. So someone else has entered the garden?” I'm standing right here cant this voice thing see me?

“ Hello there big voice, my name is Adam. I have a few questions to ask.” I felt I had to use that name, since I still couldn't recall my own name.

“Adam? I like that name.” Seriously the girl gave it to me and now your acting pleased about it also.

“Listen big voice can we just cut to the chase?” This voice was annoying me more than the girl had.

“Of course, what is it you want to know?”

“Alright first of all where am I? What is this place?” Please just give me a straight answer that's all I want.

“Eve, didn't you tell him?”

“Yes I did big voice. Adam, I told you we are in the garden. I told you that silly.” Okay so apparently the voice is in on the girls game.

“Okay we'll come back to that one. Second, how did I get here?” Fingers crossed for an answer that makes sense.

“Your here because your here. Not many people are able to find the garden, but you found this place all on your own. That must mean you belong here.” And strike two on the answers. This voice is screwing with me right? Just like the girl was.

“Sure, why not? I belong here than. Third question, Last thing I can remember was being shot and I was dying, so why am I still alive?”

“You must have heard Eves voice. Sometimes people who are dying can be saved if they hear her.” Wait what, so I owe my life to this weird girl?

“Okay big voice, one last question. How can I get back home?” One logical answer that's all I want.

“I'm sorry Adam but if you return to where you came from you'll die. The only reason your still alive is because Eve brought you to the garden. Without the garden and without Eve you wont exist anymore.” What the hell, so basically this little girl and this voice belonging to an invisible man are holding me hostage.

“Are you serious, but I have a life to get back to.”

“I'm afraid your life back where you came from is over. You have two choices. One you return to your world and your life ends or two you stay here with Eve and live in the garden with her. I'm sorry but you cannot live in your world anymore.” This is a dream right? Wake up, come on wake up.

“I have one more question if that's okay?”

“Adam, you said the last one was your last one.” The last one was the last one? Well she is just a kid, I guess she is doing her best to keep up.

“What is it you want to know Adam?” The voice spoke with the same soothing sound.

“Eve is the one who named me Adam, when I came here I didn't know what my name is. Do you know what my name is? Or do you at least know why Eve chose the name Adam for me?”

“I do not know anything about you personally from your previous life. Eve named you Adam because you will one day be able to start a new beginning for humanity with Eve. You will be the Adam and Eve of a new world order. Until than you will be protecting Eve though and keeping her happy.” What am I a babysitter now and what the hell does this voice mean by I will be with Eve like that. Shes just a kid. Do I get any say in this?

“So let me get this straight, i'm stuck here with you and Eve. I have to be a babysitter and your telling me one day me and Eve will be forced into starting a new beginning for humanity. Are you insane?”

“Actually now that I know Eve will be taken care of I can leave this place. You can deny your destiny all you want young man, but one day you will understand the importance of your existence. I apologize if you do not like this path, but you must follow it obediently.” This voice is starting to piss me off. I cant even see the mouth that the voice is coming from and i'm being ordered around by it. What the hell.

“Adam, do you hate Eve? Do you hate me?” She had tears in her eyes. Great now I feel like a horrible person again.

“No Eve, I don't hate you. This is just a lot to take in.” Not to mention this voice is pissing me off.

“ I'm glad, Eve likes you to Adam.” At least shes back to her cheerful self.

“But Eve, are you okay with this? Are you okay with being told what to do?”

“Eve doesn't mind. Your a nice person Adam. Besides we can play together and eat together and have fun every day now that Eve has a friend.” Does this kid even understand whats happening, well she is still a child.

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