Funny Stories #1

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Hey kids! Are you ready to have loads of fun with Danny and his friends? Well, if you are, then stay tuned!

Submitted: December 31, 2013

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Submitted: December 31, 2013



Today, we bring you today a special treat! Danny Berg! Yes, the Berg family is your every-day american family, but dont let that fool you! Stay tuned to see just how silly Danny can be!

RINNNNNNNG! RINNNNNNNNNG! Went Danny's alarm clock. 

"Uh,' lea-me alone," he said as he reached for it, and dropped it in a glass of water.

Then he lay down again under the covers, and fell back into a deep sleep.

"DANNY, WAKE UP!" went Dannys other alarm clock. (pause for laughter)

Danny grunted, and reached for his mothers head and pushing it down, like she was an alarm clock. Oh, Danny, when will you learn?

At breakfast with Dannys family, his father is always reading the newspaper. But no, not the news section! The comic section! And guess who reads the news section? Yes, your very own Danny Berg. 

"Dad, you done with that, I wanna read the news, you feel me?"

"Yeah, yeah, one moment, I wanna finish this Garfield." he said, and then "HAHAHAHAHAHA!" his laughter shook the table. "You seen this?" I aint mastered it, I perfected it!" Thats funny, write that one down, Danny boy."

"Dad, how many times do I have to tell you, STOP CALLIN ME DAT!"

"Aw shucks, I heard that on 'Father Knows Best', and you know what my dream is?"

"To become exactly like the family in 'Father Knows Best'" Danny grumbled.

"Precisely! Now, off to school with you!"

"Did they go to school in "Father Knows Best?"

"What, how old do you think it is, 1,000 years? Nah, it's only a couple hundred or somthin.

Well, thats all for todays Funny Story! Tune in again next time for more family fun!

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