Creepy pasta for project brazil by David Jay

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Someone said that there should be a creepy pasta about project brazil, so I wrote two.

Submitted: August 23, 2014

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Submitted: August 23, 2014



One night I was browsing ebay, and saw a shady looking fallout expansion. Something something I was compelled to buy it (against my better judgement,) totally forgot about it, one day I come home to see it in a box on my doorstep, so I installed it, played for a while, seemed fine except: 1.) everyone's eyes were blank 2.) I was greeted by cryptic warnings 3.) my character was followed around by an in game avatar of the screaming void that I could only see out of the corner of my eye every now and then 4.) all the text was replaced by hard-core pornography of increasing moral deprivation. (Pick one, then go to the corresponding number)

1.) despite the blanked out eyes of my companions, I kept playing. The game was still perfectly playable, if a little creepy. But then the phone rang and no one was there. WHO WAS PHONE?!? 2spooky.

2.) Upon starting the game I was greeted by a black screen, with blood-red letters upon it. **a??????????s??????b?????????????????u???????????? a?????????????????l????????????a??????????????l??????????????????** ????? ??????????? ????????? ???????????????it said. I recognized the phrase, but I didn't know where it was from, or where I kne????w????? it from. I played the game for a few hours, it was fun and unremarkable, and then went to bed. I didn't think about "asbu alal" again for a long time. A few weeks later I had a dream. There was a great white temple, a tower, and on top of it a jet black demon staring down at me. Behind him a burning sun blazed like the fires of a thousand souls tortured in white-hot pain. I was standing in sand as sharp as shattered g?l?a?s?s?, and as pure white as snow. There was nothing else. "Asbu?" he said. "As?b?u? ?A?l?al." His voice cut into my ears like knifes, and I could feel, just barely, claws scratching at me, at my back, at my neck, at my balls and groin and eyes. I woke with a start, sweating but otherwise fine. I didn't think of it again. A few days later I played that game again, and this time the start screen said something different. "Soon," it said, "S?o?on?-? Asb?u ?Alal?." I had a brief memory of the dream, but nothing else. I thought the game seemed brighter then normal, which was strange. The next day I turned on the TV. The screen was white, whiter then it should, blinding light, it seared into my brain like a sword. On the screen these words appeared, a high pitched screaming,"gigim xul" - "idimmu" - "utuk xul," and then a drone louder then time infinite, "g?i?g?i?m x?ul?" "?idi?m?m?u"? ?"u?tu?k x?u?l"? and then, "As?bu" and then, "**A??S?B??U??? ?A???L??AL?. **"

I woke up, suddenly, drenched in sweat. My computer was on. The game was starting up. The text screen that had been there before was white, with no words that I could see. My heart was pounding in my chest. I thought I could feel a clawing against my back and neck and groin and face and eyes and flesh and heart and soul, but it was fleeting and gone before I fully registered it. There was a desire in me. I looked towards the game. There was nothing on the screen, just white. I knew I needed it. I kneaded it more then anything, more then sex or drugs or alcohol or anything. I stood up. It was very difficult. Sweat poured down my face and body. I felt something breathing hot air on the back of my neck, but I didn't turn around, or care. My balls had shrunken up into my body, retreating from whatever was near. I sat down in my char, and faced the computer. I realized I was naked. The hot breath intensified. I felt *things* crawling on my flesh, claws that I knew were long and black tracing lines along my skin, along my legs, along my thighs, but I couldn't tear my eyes away from the screen. The screen was pure white. There was nothing else. I realized I was blind. I had stared into the sun. The sun was black. The blackness was white. The screaming was forever. The droning was louder then time. "**DEMON**" the screen said and read, with blaring impunity, "**DEMON**" it said again, and on the second blazing word my eyes popped like swollen grapes and ran down my face in white-hot rivers of searing white-hot pain, "**DEMON**" it screamed again, a third time, causing my ears to burst, my ear drums to shatter, my face to explode out-word and burn into white sand, white sand of eternity, I realized that I was hearing the words I'd always heard, but now I could understand them, words in Sumerian, a dead language,"**ASBU ALAL**" it screamed at me "**DARKENESS**" it said "**DESTROYER**" it said, and black claws plunged into my flesh, my legs, my neck, flaying my skin, pealing my flesh, piercing my bone, something large and black and smooth pushed itself up my rectum and exploded in shards of glass or sand, my testicles were pierced and smashed and severed, my empty eye sockets burst into white flame, my very body exploded and expanded into dust, and there, before me, the screen screamed, "**ASBU ALAL- DEMON, DESTROYER OF DARKNESS" and I knew that the end had come, for all of humanity, the sun had exploded, the sun was an egg, and out of it flew A?????S??B???U???? ????A????L????A?????L??? and now our time is ended, and now is white, and now is searing, and now is fire eternal.

3.) <basically just the assassin creepy pasta just with fallout stuff like mutants and shit I dunno.)

4.) (**THIS IS THE PORN ONE IT HAS NSFW TEXT**) I eagerly awaited "project brazil," a cool new fallout expansion. I had ordered it off eBay earlier that week, and I knew it would arrive any second. The doorbell rang, and I opened the box. "Project Brazil" it said, "an adult fallout adventure." I didn't know what that meant, but I installed it anyways. I started playing it. Everything seemed normal, and I was having fun. Then, about ten minutes in, I entered a long hallway, full of NPCs. I walked up to the first one. I had reached my first proper NPC, with a text box and a dialogue tree! I pressed E. To my shock, the text box was replaced with porn! A beautiful women with lily white skin and red hair was reclined, fully nude, in the text box. She masturbated herself. "Hey big boy," she said, "like what you see?" I'm not ashamed to say I had a quick wank, cleaned myself up, and kept playing. I suppose I should have realized something was wrong with the game, but I didn't care. The next NPC had porn too! This time it was a man and a women. I've never been attracted to men, really, but I'm not embarrassed to admit that this was the hottest man I had ever seen. And the hottest women too! Her breasts were plump and large, long blond hair flowed down onto her neck, the man behind her was swarthy, foreign, buff and fully nude. He lifted her up with his muscly hands and lowered her onto his thick, long cock. She moaned. They fucked. I was hard again, so I stroked myself off, and cleaned myself off, again! Now that I knew that this version of the game was full of porn I wanted to play it even more. Even though I had jacked off twice already, I didn't feel spent, and I wanted to keep going. About twenty minutes later I met the next NPC. Her text box was... exciting. I'd never seen anything like it before. A woman was tied up. Her legs spread by a metal bar. Her mouth gagged. For a second I was repulsed, but then I decided that she must like it like that. Another women came up behind her, it was the red head from the first box. She had a bottle of lube and a large dildo. The tied up women was totally exposed, with her ass up in the air. I watched in rapt interest and the red head poured out lube onto the bound girl, messaging the girl's tight, puckered anus, sliding her finger in and out. I started stroking myself as the red head started pushing the dildo into the bound girl. The bound girl screamed. I came. Blood trickled out of the bound girl's ass. Sticky with cum, I walked to the next NPC. The text box had a man in it. He was naked and masturbating. Above him stood the blond from the second video, naked. Urine started dripping out of her cunt, then gushing. The masturbating man drank it up. The women shat on his face. I was entranced. I had no idea people did stuff like that. I was repulsed, but I was *so hard.* The next NPC's text box showed me a young calf. I didn't want to watch. My cock was throbbing for release. I desperately wanted to see more porn. I couldn't jack off to that last video, so I hoped this one would be good. The calf stood there, tied to a post. The swarthy man from the second video walked up to it. He was naked. He was hard. I didn't want to watch it. I didn't want to masturbate. I found myself stroking myself. The calf squealed. After the swarthy man finished he pulled out a butcher knife. He castrated the calf. He ate the testicles. Blood trickled down his face. I couldn't stop watching. He sank the knife into the calf's back. He stabed it again and again, covered in blood and semen. Something was wrong with me. I couldn't stop watching. I had never been harder. The swarthy man looked up. "Asbu Alal" he said, "this is your sacrifice." Another man walked in. He and the swarthy man jacked off and came onto the mutilated corpse of the calf.

The next NPC was a child. I didn't want to click it. I was crying. I had major blue balls.

The text box showed a small child sitting alone at a table, eating a hamburger. There was a plate of hamburgers siting next to him. The video went on for 37 minutes, as he ate hamburger after hamburger. He looked fairly sick by the end.

The next NPC was a ghoul. In the text box the bound women was dead. The second man from the calf video gouged out her eye with a knife. The video ended and I decided it was time to call the FBI. But... I knew I was almost at the end. There was only NPC left in the hallway. I was so scared... but I was so curious. It was the child from the hamburger video. The text box came up. The child was sitting alone on the floor. All the other people from the other videos were naked, at the wall, haning with nooses around their necks and bags over their heads. It looked as if they had just died. Shit and piss were pooled underneath their feet, as if they had just evacuated their bowls. The calf corpse was not there. The child was crying. His belly was swollen and bloated, he said he was full and had a belly ache and that he didn't want to eat any more. Off camera, a man started yelling cuss words at him. Terrified, the child started crawling over to the corpses. I noticed that his feet were bound together. The video abruptly ended. I looked back at the hallway, and saw that all the NPCS, save the child, were dead. I walked out the door at the end of the hallway, and there was another room. White, cement, hard. A sign on the wall said, "Like what you see? Want to see more? Visit [](iuehrgp4)" Then, the game crashed and exited to desktop. Of course, I called the FBI and reported it. A few hours later men in black showed up at my door, asked me some questions about where I bought it, and seized my computer, and the disk, and the box it came in. It's been a few years sense that incident but those videos haunt me, in my waking hours, and my nightmares, to this day.

**Epilogue** It has been forever. It has been mere seconds. Time is nothing. Pain is eternal. I am sand. I am white. I am searing. I am the desert in which the temple is built. Every grain, a different me. I feel myself standing upon me. It is a cycle. It is forever. Asbu Alal crouches on his tower, he is the keeper of my pain. I feel myself seeing him for the first time. I claw at me. I tell myself to leave. I do not hear. That me wakes up. Asbu towers over me. I beg with him, I plead, "please let me die, please end my torment." He ignores me. I plead for an eternity. He ignores me. Mere seconds after I start my supplications he turns if face to me. Black as night, cruel as life, twisted and evil, ASBUL ALAL DESTROYER OF DARKNESS, illuminated by the sun behind him he opens his maw. "MORTAL" he speaks and his voice is a new kind of pain "MORTAL THERE WILL BE A PRICE FOR YOUR FREEDOM." "Please, dark one, please, anything." He opens his mouth again, and this time a whisper. It fills the entire desert, it trickles through every peice of sand, and in a voice soft as velvet he says. "^^mortal ^^^the ^^^^payment ^^^^^is ^^^^^^about ^^^^^^^treefiddy"

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