The Red Sun Smiles

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This is a trip into the mind of a girl who decided to try and 'fit in' with a friend, but cannot keep control of herself. She can no longer see the line between reality and hallucination.

Submitted: November 10, 2011

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Submitted: November 10, 2011



He grins as he watches me stir my yogurt.

"That spoons to big." He giggles.

"It's not my fault the yoplait container is built upside down." I say looking into the small plastic cup. Small greyish chunks and bits of cherry make it look more like vomit than yogurt. My fear is building. "It looks disgusting...what's this going to taste like?"

"Its going to taste like awesome!" He almost falls from his chair, laughing like a child.

He needs no training wheels. His are already gone, and I'm the scared newbie lagging behind. This is someone I've known for years. We've been spending a lot of time together lately, and I've decided to try something I thought I'd never do. But It'll bring us closer, I'll be able to experience something he enjoys.

"You'll be fine." He says, "Just eat your pukey yogurt already!" Another bout of laughter.

We sit in the den, soft purple lights adorn the walls. He turns on a game and starts to play. After watching for a while, I find it hard to focus on the action. My stomach is fluttering. My mouth is dry and itchy.

The red sun in the background of whatever game he's playing is upset with me. It swells in anger and its blood red glare freezes me. I can't move. The sun lets out a bass filled yawn and it's going to set me ablaze if I cant get out of this seat but its so comfortable Im scared and its so hard to think.


What was I afraid of just now? He's still playing the game and everything seems normal. The sun is playing innocent in the television like its supposed to be. The liar. It smiles at me.


I'm staring at my friend now. His body seems broken in some way that I cant place. The dimensions are askew in some terrifying way that seems to pervert every angle. It reminds me of that stupid movie I cant remember the name but the face is all twisted and spiraled and his face....Oh sweet god his face is so wrong please make it stop its like lifting a rock and seeing nothing but worms and grubs and the bugs! Theyre everywhere. Theyre under my skin and theyre crawling and I really need to focus because this isnt real.

"This isnt real." I whisper to myself. None of it is. Not the waking life, or the dreams, or the sober or the influenced. Its all a ride, like that comedian once said.

Feeling a little bit better, I stand up, surprised at how easy it is to stand in this gravity saturated room so close to a red giant star thats still smiling at me.

"Where are you going?" He asks with his scrambled face.

"To smoke." I force a smile and head out to the porch.

I lean on the door because I dont trust myself to stand. I get the cigarette lit on the fist try. I can do this. I look out at the snow and I want to play in it, but I know I should not.

"Why shouldnt I?"

The voice is coming from above me, and I look up to see it source. Its me, angelic and wild, hovering above myself. She's wild and free, and giggles at me as she runs off to play in the snow.  I immediately become filled with a sense of warmth. After a few moments, she's gone. I go back inside.

I can feel the red giant's gravity, pulling me back into the den. I tell my friend that I can't handle the gravity and he shuts the game off. The sun gives me one last glare before it vanishes. He puts my favorite album on but after a few tracks I cant handle it. The songs taste bitter.

Im beginning to irritate my friend, but he does his best to make me comfortable. Time no longer makes sense, maybe its the gravity and who cares anyway the worlds tearing itself apart. I can no longer think in rational time, scenes flash through my mind.



Images of him glaring at me accusingly.

He brings me water, I drink it. Thinking is hard; speaking... impossible.

I'm in a field, the space around me shifts every time I blink, its beautiful here. I feel as if Ive found heaven, and I get to have it all to myself.

"I hate you!" He screams at me, I'm ripped out of my thoughts and now I'm on the kitchen floor. Im so cofused. Why would he bring me back to this filthy world its going to end! Didn't he see the red giant smile the world's going to burn and I was safe I was safe but he brought me back.

Screaming, I am no longer myself.

"You brought me back" I scream in anger, covered in blood with a knife in my hands.

Why is there so much blood?

His body on the floor, the stomach split open.

Focus. None of this is real.

I suddenly become lucid. I have no idea how much time has passed but I'm sitting on the couch next to him. It feels like I've been out for hours.

"Did I hurt you?" I ask him.

"What? No, whats wrong?" He looks into my eyes, and he's no longer twisted, he's the single most beautiful thing I've ever seen in this moment. I realize how much I love this person.

"I thought that I had hurt you." I said, looking up at him again. But his face is gone, and has been replaced with someone else's. I'm not looking at my dear friend. Who is this man? I begin to panic.

"Please calm down"

I look down at my hands, I'm covered in blood and the house smells like something...

Like someone...

"Where is my friend!?" I ask, confused.

"Ma'am calm down. We'll talk at the station once your feeling better ok?" He shows me his badge. "Its ok, we'll get this all sorted out."

I  look toward the door, there is a paramedic.

He stares at me in horror.

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