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It is about this kid who goes in to high school and in every school there's all the time bully's and he is in a lot of pain at the hospital.

Once there was a new kid in school and as all the time bully's bully him they bring knifes to school to threaten the kids to not tell they're stealing money from them. the new kids name was Jeff and he just moved here. the next day (the first day of school) he was at the bus stop and the bully's tryed to cut him but before he could Jeff pulled out his knife and cut him his neighbor saw him after he cut him he had a psychotic smile on his face. The next day the neighbor across the steet had a birth day party before Jeff could go there was knocking on the door. It was police and they were wondering who cut the bully Jeff's brother took the blame Jeff was filled with anger he tryed to tell the police it was him they would not listen. He wen't to the party sad but not showing it he seemed happy but not a little kid had a toy gun then gave Jeff one and asked him if he could play. How could he say no so he chased him around with the toy gun wishing it was a real one. The bully's came pulled out a real one tryed to kill Jeff instead they cought him on fire with the candles. Luckily he survived his brother was comming out I've jail the same day his bandages were coming off. Bad timing. When he got his bandages off his face was all white with black all around his eyes and he felt good. His mother was terrified then when they got home he felt good to MURDER then he caved a smile in his face and killed his family and his neighbor kind of he made the same thing that happend to him to Jane they both have the same name Jeff the killer and Jane the killer they are not friends. Who ever he kills he carves smiles in they're face and he says....GO TO SLEEP.so watch out and go to sleep tonight.

Submitted: November 03, 2013

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