The Dweller

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Recounting their odd encounter with famous app and game series: Fallout Shelter, the speaker explains some odd occurrences they found hidden within the app.

The Dweller By: CreepyQuantum

I have been playing a lot of the app, “Fallout Shelter” ever since it came out. I have restarted many times due to reasons such as growing bored of my old vault, having a poor strategy and ending up with unhealthy or irradiated dwellers, or just to restart. It is actually a pretty addicting game! If you haven’t tried it, I advise to download it and give it a go! If you have been living under a rock, or rather in a vault, I’ll explain to you what Fallout Shelter is. Fallout is a very popular game series which takes place in the United States that has been decimated by nuclear war. You assume the role of someone who has lived in a vault, which is an underground living quarter that the United States Government created to protect a select few people. There are many theories about how it was really for experimentation on different social or psychological aspects of humans, however, I will not go into depth as they aren’t important to this story.  Fallout Shelter is an app on the app store that puts you in the role of “overseer” where you control everything in the vault from means of production to who goes where and even who can reproduce and who cannot. You get money, which is bottlecaps, and build on to the vault, making it bigger, making it grow.


 I never noticed anything strange in this game until recently. I have deleted the app and am currently writing this account just so that I know it was true and not just a false memory. The app is twisted. I created a new vault, Vault 237, and began my role as the all-powerful overseer. I led the vault into great prosperity, constantly training some dweller’s skills while people worked in places that they were the best fit for. It didn’t take long to become huge, I had about 100 dwellers, half of the maximum. I had people constantly out in the wasteland, collecting resources and my most skilled dwellers guarding the vault against the occasional raider or death claw attack. The game became more of an app that I checked once daily and collected everything, then closed it and didn’t open it until the next day. It was more routine than fun at that point.


 I’m not sure when it began, but I noticed something strange. The average happiness in my vault was 97%, but I saw one character, who had recently grown up from child status. Keith Myers was his name. I saw by his avatar that he was not happy, he had a depressed look on his face despite everyone around him having smiles on their faces. He also had a pistol, which I found odd as I hadn’t checked the app since he reached adult status and never gave him a weapon. Thinking this was strange, I gave him Fluffy the cat to raise his happiness, but it didn’t work. Realizing that it also causes an increase over time, I closed the app and went about my day. The next time I checked, I was horrified. I was too shocked to get a screenshot of this, so the picture you see is the only one I ever got but, Fluffy was gone and Keith had what looked like cartoonish, red blood on his hands! He still had a depressed look on his face and his happiness meter had gone down from 14% to 6%. 


 I wanted to quit the app right then but, as all stories go, my curiosity won the battle. I collected resources and closed the app. I decided to check in on it a couple hours later and I didn’t notice it immediately, but it became very apparent quickly; everyone that had recently been in the room with Keith was now nowhere to be found. He just stood there, depressed and blood on his hands; His happiness was now 5%. There didn’t seem to be any other abnormalities that didn’t relate to Keith, so as always, I collected the resources and closed the app. I opened the app the next morning and found that even more dwellers had disappeared. Keith, now at 3% happiness, stood there, depressed. One of my most skilled dwellers was nowhere to be found. If Keith was the cause of these deaths, how did he manage to defeat such a strong dweller with armor and a greater weapon?


 I decided that this was enough, I was now down one of my best dwellers and the only explanation I had was that it was because of Keith. I dragged Keith’s avatar over the wasteland and selected the “banish” option... The dwellers are capable of general chat, but this I had never seen before. One word was spoken by Keith that I haven't forgotten. 




Confused, I tried to banish him again with the same results, he refused to leave. Had the game told me no? Even scarier, had Keith told me no? I tried moving him to another room and thankfully that worked, but instead of a hastful jog, he simply sluggishly walked to the destination. I moved him to a different barracks, and to my surprise, he began talking to a woman. After a moment of standing, he began sweet talking her and after a little bit of depressed dancing, they began their journey to the bed in the back of the room. “Of course!” I thought, “having the dwellers have sex always raises their happiness!” Keith’s happiness was at 1%, so he needed this. I should pause here to note that when a dweller's happiness rises, as in the case of having sex, green smiley faces are shown and oppositely, red sad faces are shown for the decline of happiness: such as while overworked or irradiated. However where there should have been green smiley faces on the wall hiding the bed, red sad faces began to pop up. For some reason one or both was losing happiness! This had never happened! When the faces stopped appearing, Keith walked back around the corner, still a melancholy look on his face but the woman did not ever return. I watched as the population counter in the top, left corner dropped by one.


 I couldn’t collect the armor or weapons that she held, which made me realize something; her body was back there, where were the others? I quickly scrolled up to Keith’s previous location and destroyed it. Sure enough, many popups showed up, allowing me to claim the inventory of lost dwellers. Once I collected all of the lost loot, I saw the population counter drop yet again. I quickly zoomed in on the room that Keith had been in and found his lifeless body lying there, everyone in the room was running around frantically, looking terrified. (If you've played the game, you know what I mean). Keith must have killed himself! This thought filled me with sorrow even though I disliked him. What caused this? Had his happiness dropped to 0%? I am not sure. All I know is that I deleted the app and never got Fallout 4. I'm not going to construct a story about how Keith ended up at my door or any BS like that, it's simply not true. My life hasn't been changed, with no chance of reclaiming it by this event. I have been disturbed by this, sure! I won't ever forget what I saw. But nothing supernatural or paranormal has happened and I never actually feared for my life. I think it was just a messed up feature that they added to the app, but I'm not sure. This is my story! There isn’t much more to say. It’s nice to finally share this story, though.


Submitted: April 11, 2016

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