The Foundation

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

David finds himself in jail for a twenty-year sentence. He is, however, met with a deal of a lifetime! He can shorten his sentence to a mere five-year sentence, he finds out, when he is confronted by mysterious men who he later finds out are a part of what is called "The Foundation."

The Foundation: By CreepyQuantum

Chapter 1

The gloomy, quiet courtroom, in an awkward stillness, awaited the verdict. David sat in his seat, drops of sweat permeating on his forehead. The group of blank-faced people walked out of the back room and the blood ran out of David’s face, leaving a pale blank stare. The jury had made a decision and this was going to be the biggest moment in his life. He thought to himself, he had heard so many words of hate in his relatively short life but the next few words spoken would be the ones that truly affected him most. David felt as if he shouldn’t have even been there – that it wasn’t his fault.

He immediately buried his face in his hands as the jury announced their decision: “guilty.” David grew up in a very poor household, where three meals a day meant that they were at their most prosperous of times and it was because of this upbringing that he did what he felt necessary. He had burglarized a house and was caught on camera; he didn’t expect to be innocent, but the words of the jury rang in his head and seemed to resonate within his very being. His mother was nowhere to be seen in the room, but that didn’t surprise him. She was never there for him as she often blamed him for their financial difficulty. He looked around at the nearly empty room and saw nothing but smiles on the faces of those who chose to watch. He would be sent to jail for twenty years. This was a long time, being that he was twenty years old, himself; the next time he’d be a free man would be when he turned forty – double his age.

David was led to the back room, beyond the Judge’s area where he went through a long process before being sent to jail. He didn’t detest anything and went smoothly through the procedure. he thought long and hard; going to that house and breaking in wasn’t his idea, it was his mother’s. The thought of exposing her crossed his mind but he dismissed it as soon as it had come. Even though she showed very little love to him, he still loved her. She was really the only person in his life and he could look past her spiteful comments because, after all, she fed him and housed him. He could never turn her in! He agreed to everything they asked to make everything run smoothly and he had believed in his head that this was his fault. Prison couldn’t be the worst thing – it just couldn’t be.

David thought back upon his childhood as he walked to his jail cell. He recalled often getting beaten by his mother when he would try to sneak extra food to eat in the middle of the night or when he would accidentally break something in the house while playing by himself. Needless to say, he didn’t have a glamorous childhood and he was often alone. During his school years, he didn’t make any friends and any friendships he did have were dwindling within a week of making them. He was content, though, as he often liked time to himself and being alone with his thoughts. He recalled his dreams and aspirations of being an engineer; he also remembered his mother’s immediate shutdowns of those very dreams. He was snapped out of his trance when the jail guard nudged him into his cramped cell where he would spend some time, he thought, reminiscing on his hopes and dreams which seemed to have eluded him even further.

David adapted to his new surroundings rather quickly, he made some friendships and, inevitably, some enemies; none bad enough that they would seek him out, however. He had gotten used to the routine of things in jail and was actually starting to like it! His bed was even more comfortable than the cardboard slab his mother threw at the foot of her queen-sized bed for him at home and he was given three meals a day! Other than the intimidating people around him, life wasn’t all that bad. The routine lifestyle was stopped when he heard speaking outside of his jail cell in the middle of the night. “Yeah, David Murray is right down here.” He heard a voice whisper, followed by footsteps. It was difficult to see but what appeared to be three silhouettes appeared at his cell and he heard the click of it unlocking. Two men entered the cell and grabbed him by the arms and he cooperated, though unsure if  to avoid trouble or simply out of shock.

Once brought into an office space, the three men finally became visible. One was familiar, it was his jail guard but the other two looked like agents of some kind. “What is this? The FBI? I messed up, sure, but I didn’t do anything to any degree that should’ve attracted the attention of the FBI!” David, now frantic, shot glances at both men who seemed to be very calm. He had wished that their calm demeanor would’ve worn off on him but it didn’t he was scared, alone, and confused but he demanded answers. The two men seemed so strange! They came in the dead of night and brought him into this small room, and obviously had authority over his jail guard!

“No, David. We are not with the FBI.” One agent said.

“Then who the hell are you?” David asked, relaxing a little bit, but still on edge.

“You will find out very soon.” The other agent spoke up, then turned his attention to the jail guard “Please excuse us.” He motioned him with his left hand to leave the room and without a word, he complied.

“We are your ticket to a shorter sentence.” The first agent spoke, shooting a smirk at the second who grinned back. The flickering light and the buzzing sound produced by the light in the room gave David a headache.

“Shorter sentence?” David perked up. “What do you mean?”

“Well,” began the first agent, “you can complete a certain amount of… community service for a quarter of your jail time. And be a free man once that time is done.” David gave the two men a suspicious look. The second agent walked a couple steps to the corner of the room and leaned against the wall.

“Look, I know it sounds too good to be true, but it really is how it sounds!” added the second agent.

“What kind of ‘community service’ is this?” David interrogated. He felt the air grow thin at this question. It was at this time that David noticed that he felt a feeling of inexplicable dread. He shook it off as his nerves getting to him at this odd situation.

The first agent took a seat exactly across from David. “Well, you have to sign off on it first, before we tell you. It’s a leap of faith if you will.” The agent actually sounded genuine for once, and not robotic. David thought long and hard.

“Why? Why is it so important that you can’t tell me first?” David began to feel skeptical.

“It’s top secret, in a way.” The second agent said from the corner of the small room. “You thought we were the FBI, think of it as similar, but a private organization.” David spaced off as he thought about what was facing him. It was the middle of the night and he was having trouble even thinking straight.

“Wait, why did you come in the middle of the night? Why is this so, for a lack of better words, mysterious?” David implored. He knew that his question seemed odd but he also knew that it had to have gotten the point across. There was no way that these men, assuming this isn’t the first time they have done this, haven’t dealt with questions and skepticism. David shook the chest of his issued outfit to fan his torso from his own uncomfortable body heat.

“David, this isn’t as big of a deal as you’re making it sound.” The first agent said, breaking a slight pause following David’s question. “We are here late because we only have a few open slots and you were randomly chosen. There are four other inmates being offered the same deal you are. If you don’t want to accept the deal, just say so.” David sat back in his chair as he thought about how nice five years sounded. He would be able to get out much earlier.

“I’m in.” David hesitantly broke the silence.

“Good!” the second agent spoke up, sign this first. He slipped a piece of paper, which said something about not disclosing any information about any documents or anything read from this point onward. He didn’t really even read it, just skimmed it and signed. “Good,” he repeated as he retrieved the first paper and replaced it with a small stack of them. “You have probably never heard of us,” the agent began, “as long as we have been doing our job well.” Both agents let out a chuckle. “We are the SCP foundation.”

 “The what?” said David, who obviously was confused at what had just been said. “What is” David was cut off by the second agent.

“SCP stands for Special Containment Procedure.” He cleared his throat and moved closer. “Also known as Secure, Contain, Protect. Now let’s be clear, son.” The tone in the room became much less friendly and much more authoritative. “You are officially a class-D personnel, you’ve signed your life away and you cannot and will not disclose any information on the foundation, or you will be shot.” Those words rang in David’s mind.

“I am kinda wishing you were the FBI now.” David trying to lighten the mood but it did nothing to alleviate the horrible feeling he felt welling up in his gut. He thought to himself, Secure what? Contain what? And Protect what? The thin air seemed to have only gotten worse.


Chapter 2

Why had David never heard of this “SCP Foundation”? He wondered this, on top of many other things. The thought of all of this being an unorthodox joke even crossed his mind, but he quickly buried that at another glance at the two agents. “What do I do from here?” Asked David to the two men in suit. The two agents looked at each other, smirked, then the next thing he knew, David was waking up in a different room! Frantically looking around, he observed that it looked like a jail cell in a way, but he was surrounded by three thick metal walls and one reinforced metal door. He was lying on a metal bed that stuck out from one wall and the only other thing in the room was a counter where a single piece of paper lay. The paper read:

Hello Class-D Personnel, welcome to the SCP Foundation. Your job is to simply follow orders by anyone of higher ranking than yourself (that is everyone that isn’t a fellow Class-D). You are given a numerical designation to differentiate you from the other Class-D personnel as your names are to be kept private and are unnecessary. You are D-323. Your five-year stay is going to be one of research, stress, fear, and most of all, following orders. We are not responsible for any harm brought upon you but we do have medical staff on the ready in case any accidents are to happen. Remember that everything you see here is highly classified and exposing anything following your sentence will result in your death. During your stay here at the Foundation, you will be given some strange tasks and will witness things you never imagined possible. We contain anything dangerous and anomalous in the world to prevent it from causing harm. There are unimaginable items and beings that your logic will try to explain, it will be unable to. You will know what I mean soon enough. Enjoy your stay and remember that you are not permitted to be anywhere but your living quarters without a level two (2) or higher personnel with you. Thank you for your cooperation.


David looked at the paper and sat down. He knew for certain, then and there, that he had gotten himself into something bad. The sudden bombardment of different cocktails of emotion forced David to lie back on his bed, burying his face in his palms as he had when he was found guilty. The only thing keeping him from a complete breakdown was that this was cutting his sentence by fifteen whole years! He sat up quickly as the air-sealed door began decompression before opening with a mechanical sound, emanating throughout the hallway that was now visible to David. Three armed men with white suits, black helmet, and black bulletproof vests greeted him at the door. “Class-D-323, rise.” One said. David was unsure which one even spoke as the helmets also protected and hid the faces of the men. He sat up slowly and hung his feet off the bed.

“Now!” said one of the guards, this one a woman, “We don’t have all day and we ARE authorized to shoot you for non-cooperation.” David was taken aback by this. Is the U.S. Government even aware of this place? How can this group of people be given a right to kill someone off of the simple premise of non-compliance? Not willing to test his luck, David hopped out of bed and walked towards the three guards who backed up, allowing space in the hallway. “Follow me,” the female guard said, taking the lead as the two men trailed behind David. “We are going to an initiation for all Class-D personnel.” David looked around him, the white hallways stretched forever and branched off every ten feet or so. There were windows but they were tinted so dark that it was impossible to see what was inside.

When the four reached a four-way intersection, the woman turned around. “Right here, go in this room and follow orders from the guards in there.” David looked at her, unsure if he should say anything back when he felt the stock of a rifle nudge his arm so he just began walking. The room was fairly large and had many seats out, facing a stage with one single podium and a large flag draped in the back, which David assumed to be the flag from the foundation. On a solid black background was a metallic silver emblem which he had never seen before and below the emblem were the three words, “Secure. Contain. Protect.” There were about ten other people wearing the same orange outfit that he had woken up in sitting in chairs.

“Sit right here,” a guard said, pointing to the next available chair. “Don’t speak.” David walked over and sat next to another man; he was tall, thin, bald, and wore a grin on his face. How could he be so happy? Thought David. Before he could say anything or return a fake smile, the man turned his grin back to the podium and waited for the speaker to walk up on stage. About ten more people came in after David and finally the door could be heard closing with the same, mechanical rumbling as his own door. After about five more minutes of waiting, out walked a man in a suit, not unlike the agents’ suits and stood at the podium with a smile on his face, not a creepy smile like the man next to David, but one that seemed genuine until examined further. Upon which, the smile almost seemed to take on a sinister feel. David’s body became covered in goosebumps but before he could process what was going on, the man spoke.

“Welcome, all.” The man’s voice was undeniably powerful; it almost drew the attention of all of the audience to full attention, with no chance of any side thoughts or daydreaming. “I assume you were given your introductory notes?” Everyone shook their heads to signify that they had. “Good,” his smile grew larger, “I’m glad we have such a large group of new class-D personnel. The last group was small and was too quickly lost.” He winked at the audience, who was unsure if it were a joke, the man continued. “You will all be starting today, you’ll be given slips on your way out to signify which group you’ll be in. There will be seven groups of three for now, but we may need larger or smaller groups and we’ll adjust accordingly.” The man walked away from the podium, still holding the microphone. “The foundation was built to protect the public from harm.” He took on a more serious expression. “It is also to keep harmful information out of public knowledge as well. And if you don’t agree with that, there are other… arrangements we can make. If you follow instructions and try to just open your mind to the possibilities of the crazy sh- stuff that really lurks beyond the vision of the public, you will get out of here alive.”

Everyone was glued to their seats. “But if you disobey, make a great mistake, or react too emotionally or drastically to a particular SCP, there is a chance that you won’t make it out alive.” He walked back to the podium and reconnected the microphone. “Following your term here, as I am sure you all know, you are to be absolutely steadfast in continuing your oath to not disclose any information you obtain while here. We have a knack for finding out if you’ve tattled.” The man was obviously hoping to lighten the mood with a childish spin but no one lightened up. “I hope all of you the best of luck.” With that, he walked off stage and disappeared.

“Everyone rise, and in a single-file line, we need you to exit the same door you entered.” While the guard was speaking, the door could be heard opening. David was unsure the first two times, but this time, he was sure, even the noise that the doors make were frightening. This place was a scary place; far scarier than anything he could’ve imagined. David got his paper at the door, it read 3. As soon as he crossed the threshold, there were already seven groups and he made his way over to three, where a blonde man stood next to two guards.

“Hey, I’m Alex,” the blonde man stuck out his hand. Before John could shake it, Alex was hit in the gut by the butt of one of the guard’s rifles.

“You are D-471. Not Alex.” The guard returned to how he was standing as if nothing happened.

“I am D-471,” Alex choked out, holding his stomach.

“I am D-323,” David said, eyeing the guard, then giving a fake smile to Alex. The group was met by a muscular woman with brown hair. “I am D-323,” David said, “And this is D-471.”

“I am D-239.” The woman said in a strong, Russian accent. She rejected David’s hand and looked to the guards. “What are we doing?”

“We have all three people, let’s go.” One guard said to the other, obviously ignoring D-239’s question. The group of five walked down the white hallway for what seemed like half an hour, making occasional turns. “Alright, we are here.” The group stopped at a large, double-mechanical door. It was gray and latched by what appeared to be very strong locking mechanisms. There was a posting outside of the doors that read SCP-014, Object Class: Safe. “Well damn! It’d better be safe!” Alex exclaimed, jokingly. The guards stopped and faced the three of us, their backs to the doors.

“This will be your first assignment. We need you to go switch SCP-014’s music. Here is the record, do not converse with 014 unless he strikes up a conversation first, upon which click the recording button on this audio recorder and converse about whatever he chooses to speak about. We don’t know a whole lot about him yet.” The three Class-D personnel exchanged glances before nodding to the guards. David took the recording device and D-239 grabbed the record. The guard that hadn’t been speaking walked over and slid his card into the card slot and the unnerving noise of the door began emanating from the two large, metal slabs that were now sliding away from one another. In the room was a window and what looked like a man sitting in a chair, facing the window. Next to him was an old record player which wasn’t playing any music. Even though it seemed relatively normal, the three all seemed reluctant to enter the room, there was a cold, eerie feeling about it.



Chapter 3

The man didn’t move a muscle when the three strangers set foot into the medium-sized, nearly empty room. Without a word, D-239 lead the trio towards the man who still was unbudging. Placing the record onto the record player and lowering the needle to start the scratchy, very old-style music, D-239 kept her eyes on 014. “Thank you, madame,” He spoke; with the exception of his jaw, he was still unmoving. David pressed down on the red button on the recording device with his thumb as he watched the interaction between the two.

“You’re welcome,” D-239 said without missing a beat. “It is a shame that you’re stuck in here with this horrible, outdated music.” There was a long pause.

“Please go now.” 014 responded in an almost urgent voice.

“What? Why?” D-239 replied, but got no response. Suddenly a voice in the intercom rang in the room

“Class-D personnel, please exit the chamber.” It was one of the guards; the three turned and exited the chamber and as soon as they stepped outside of the threshold, the doors began closing. “What the hell were you thinking?” One guard said, his face locked onto D-239, if they could see his eyes, they knew there would be spite in them.

“I just-“

Before she could explain herself, the other guard spoke up. “Look, I know this is all new to you guys, and I know we are tough on you, but you have to understand something.” He cleared his throat and directed the three to continue down the hall they had been traversing prior to their stop. “This place is full of unimaginable things, when I was first hired, I thought everyone was messing with me.” The other guard nodded as if to say he had a similar experience. “Things here aren’t like the outside world. The laws of physics, the laws of the universe are broken more often than not here.” David, Alex, and D-239 all felt a sense of fear run over them because they had all felt the same way, that this was a joke, and the sincerity in the guard’s voice made them feel as though they were instantly in danger. 

The other guard cut in at this point. “For example, that ‘man’ you just spoke to is about 130 years old.” Alex’s face turned into a smile.

“Right! And I am a dragon from venus!” He chuckled and looked at his two – now friends – who weren’t sharing his humor.

“Look,” the two guards stopped walking, “we told you that this isn’t a joke. What I just told you is true and you need to take this seriously; not all SCPs are safe. 014’s body is turning to concrete, he was born in the late 1800’s and has, for some reason, not been aging. If you want to stick to your logical beliefs, so be it. But you will soon find out that our world is a far more mysterious place than you could’ve ever imagined, are we clear?” The guard was noticeably distressed by Alex’s attempt at humor. Swallowing a lump in his throat, Alex quickly shook his head yes. “Good, now we just need to check on this, just to make sure it’s here. It has never been missing but it’s simply protocol.” The guard said, turning to another mechanical door. The sign on the outside read “SCP-005 Object class: Safe.” On the sign was a photograph of a key.

“Just count this one as training.” One guard spoke. “It’s really no big deal, we always just have to go in there to make sure the key didn’t grow wings and fly away.” His sarcasm was vaguely ironic, as he had not five minutes ago told them to drop any logic they had. But they shrugged it off and approached the door.

“So it’s… a key?” David asked.

“Yes, it is a key that can open any door!” The guard responded as if he knew that question would arise.

“Ooh like a skeleton key?” Alex said as he rolled his eyes.

“Actually yes, that’s its nickname here.” The guard responded. There was an audible beep that signified that his card successfully unlocked the door. It made the loud noise of gears turning as it slowly wheeled open. David noticed something that he had never noticed yet, the door had that same Foundation symbol on it that he had seen earlier on the flag. In fact, he remembered the past doors having it as well once he began to think hard enough. The thought passed as soon as it appeared because the door finally vanished into the wall and in the small room that lied in front of the three D-class. Inside the small room was one waist-high table with a single key, resting on its center.

“Yep! It is here.” D-239 spoke up for the first time in a while.

“Okay! Come on out, then!” The guard said, watching the three. Alex eyed the key, thinking about how much it’d come in handy on his break-ins as he always struggled at picking locks. He decided it wouldn’t be worth risking getting caught, though, at how strict everything is here. “Well, we should call this a day, this was just training and you have already seen two SCPs! Just another day on the job. I’ll take you all back to your respective rooms.” The guard seemed to have taken on a lighter tone by the end of the day. David felt as though he had even become friendly! Maybe this wasn’t a bad choice if this is what the days were like; five years here is so much better than twenty in prison. When he finally arrived at his room, he quickly lied down on the bed and in no time was asleep.

The next morning came very quickly, David was awoken by the dreaded noise of the door opening and was greeted by D-239 and two guards. “Get up, D-323, it’s time for breakfast and then we’ll be off to work, we have something a little more dangerous ahead of us today and we need you all to be sharp and prepared.” David was startled by what he had heard, after the day prior, he felt like every day would be similar to it, he didn’t think he would ever run into danger and he was immediately brought to the fact that he would, in fact, be faced with danger on the second day of work! David dangled his feet off his bed and rubbed his eyes. “Now, D-239.” The guard said impatiently. David hopped off the tall bed and got dressed. The sight of the orange suit that he was forced to wear was becoming a more and more repulsive sight.  

The cafeteria was filled with six, long tables that stretched from both sides of the open room that had the same ambiance as all of the others in the foundation. As he was getting his food, a question that he had thought of earlier, but suppressed began to resonate within him again. Where is the foundation located? He was from New York, is the foundation also there? Could he be in another state? Another country? He knew that asking the guards would be of no use so, yet again, he tried to suppress it. D-239 sat down next to him. “My name is Alisa,” She whispered to him. David gave her a small smile and nodded his head.

“Hey, guys,” Alex said, sitting across from David and Alisa. “What do you think is in store for us today? A magical spoon that can go back in time?” Alex’s humor was getting old to both David and Alisa, they both wondered how he could still be so jolly while in this wretched place. “Have you noticed that every meal we have had had an abundance of potatoes? Why are they feeding us so much damn potatoes?”

“Probably for starch,” Alisa responded. “They need us to have enough energy for the day.” Alex didn’t reply but instead was focused on his plate. A voice suddenly thundered over the intercom.

“All Class-D Personnel, report to your designated areas. Look for your group number on  the televised screens, located on the walls at each table.” The three glanced over to a screen and looked for their group; three.

“We are stationed to SCP-096,” Alisa said, pointing to their number in the hallway.

“Alright! Let's go do this!” Alex said, walking over to put his tray in the bin. Alisa and David followed right behind him.

“Group three!” They heard a voice come from behind them. Turning around, they were met by two guards, the voice was very familiar, so they all figured that they have the same guards. “Today is a big day for you!” the guard chuckled. “Your first non-safe SCP!” There was humor in his voice but the three didn’t resonate it back. “SCP 096 is an Object Class-Euclid.” The three looked at each other, obviously confused. “Okay, safe objects are well understood and easy to contain. Often times the cannot do harm but some can and will. They don’t need to be monitored 24/7 but need to be checked on occasionally. Euclid objects are both unpredictable and not very well understood. Most of them choose to do harm from what we have been able to understand” The three looked at each other, even Alex was looking fearful. “That’s not the worse.” The guard spoke up. “There is one more class, even worse than Euclid.” The already petrified looks on the faces of the trio grew even grimmer somehow. “Keter-class objects want to do harm to humans and most seem to have no reason other than distaste for human life. While that’s not true for all of them, it’s true for most. There are even many Keter-class objects in which the foundation is trying to find ways to kill them.”

“Trying?” David spoke up, trembling.

“Well they’re not exactly normal creatures or objects, they aren’t a walk in the park, shoot it in the head deal. They’re much more complicated. Now! Let’s go, we have to check on 096 and get a blood sample.” The thought of attempting to take the blood of something that possibly wants to kill you filled David’s mind and he was sure the others were thinking the same thing. The three walked, a guard both in front and behind. The guards were much more quiet this time. “We are here.” The front guard spoke up. David looked at the sign posted outside of the doors. It read: SCP-096 Object Class-Euclid. “This here, he is known as the ‘Shy Guy.’ We need to go over protocol before anyone goes in.”

Chapter 4

David looked at Alisa and Alex, who, in turn, returned looks of nervousness. “SCP-096 is extremely dangerous under specific conditions.” The guard spoke up, breaking the silent, anxiousness of the room. “These conditions can be easily avoided, however, by avoiding looking at its face.” The guard squared up with the three. “I am dead serious!” If the guard’s mask weren’t there, they imagined they would see a look so serious that it was hard to even envision. “We have laser-imaging in the room to detect where he is and make sure he is facing away, and if he is, we’ll go in. Once inside, we just walk up to him, get his blood sample, and leave. Do not look at his face, do not mess around.” The guard’s voice hid an underlying fear. David noticed a slight tremble in his voice, how was the guard in fear? Hadn’t he been working there for years?

“Why can’t we look at its face?” Alex managed to speak up, his voice half-cracking.

“Well if you want to, be my guest but your friends will have to be the ones to clean up the mess; and trust me, it will be messy.” The guard looked directly at Alex. Then back to the whole group. “096 Doesn’t like anyone to see his face, and if they’re unfortunate enough to catch a glimpse,” the guard swallowed a lump in his throat and his voice and attention trailed off.

“Anyways, you guys got it? Don’t look at its face.” The other guard cut in.

“Yes, we go in, take its blood, walk out, and never look at its face?” Alisa spoke up after a short moment of no one speaking.

“Exactly! But first we need to make sure that its face won't be greeting us at the door.” The second guard pressed a few buttons on a control panel. After about ten seconds of waiting, there was an audible ‘beep’ and the door began to open.

“How do we know that the thing won’t turn and look at us?” Alex asked frantically in a last ditch effort to better prepare himself for any possible circumstance.

“He doesn’t want it to be seen, he will try not to have his face seen, but if someone is so unlucky as to see it, he won’t be happy. You don’t need to worry, he will be sitting, holding his face,” The guard replied. Alex reluctantly peered into the room first. As soon as his face gazed into the room, his body froze in place, fingers twitching. Prior to this moment, the only anomalous objects he had seen were a key and a really old guy. What his eyes were locked on caused bile to rise up in his throat and in the others’ as well as they, too, saw the horrendous sight. Alisa, who prided herself on being tough, was trembling. The scent evacuated the room and it smelled of copper and ozone. The three were speechless and unmoving for about thirty seconds before one of the guards spoke up.

“Okay, break time’s over,” He said sarcastically. “Here is the syringe, just stick it in his arm, slowly pull blood out, and leave, it’s simple.” In their heads, the guard made it sound easy! They all knew that it wouldn’t be as easy as that. The three were nudged forward into the square room. In the center of the chamber, facing the back wall sat an extremely thin, pale, humanoid creature with its abnormally long arms wrapped around the front of its knees, holding its face.  The floor was simply a concrete slab but where the monster sat, there was what looked like a puddle of blood that had dried around it. The three, just beyond the threshold, stopped walking again, still speechless. The creatures breathing sounded so unnatural that at first, David thought it to be something mechanical. It sounded like a dying animal but seemed almost ‘choppy.’ He quickly realized that it coincided with every inhale and exhale the terrifying creature breathed. The intercom rang “D-Class personnel, you’re not getting a shorter sentence to stand around.” As the voice spoke, something very unusual happened. 096 put its hands down and sat up.

“Damnit! Look away!” The voice in the intercom thundered. The three, trembling all faced the corner of the room. There could be distant, muffled voices heard on the intercom. “Damn it!” one of the guards was audibly in tears, bawling even. “I switched to the back camera and I saw its god awful face!” there was a crash, presumably him falling over something – possibly a chair in his despair.

“Wh-what did he look like?” The second guard said with a shudder in his voice.

A few seconds passed before he replied. “Absolute death,” then the intercom fell silent. The room didn’t stay hushed for long, however, as a noise began emanating from what could only have been the creature, a horrible scream! It sounded mostly human though it also sounded like nothing that anyone had ever heard before. The scream sounded both like one of malice and one of fear. 096 was completely losing it! The three D-class personnel were bundled up in a corner, eyes closed, all terrified. The scent of blood seemed to have intensified greatly.

“Don’t look, don’t look, don’t look,” David said to them. The screams of the abomination ceased in one moment. It was followed immediately by an extremely loud, repetitive banging sound which continued for probably a minute before one final, even louder crash sounded. It had broken out of the door. Not five seconds passed before a scream could be heard both over the intercom and from the hallway. It was quickly silenced. The three jumped as they felt arms pull them from the corner. Once they realized it was the other guard, they complied and went in the direction that he was motioning for them to go.

“Close your eyes! I don’t know if it is coming back.” His voice sounded as if it were suppressing a great sadness. “Send armed personnel to 096’s containment cell immediately,” He spoke over a handheld radio which was met with static. “Damnit! Send” his voice stopped immediately with the sudden loss of power. All of the lights in the building shut off and he was met with a voice on the radio. A terrifying sound emanated throughout the halls, more terrifying than the screams of 096, more terrifying than the final scream from the guard before being killed by 096. The mechanical sound of many, many doors could be heard throughout every direction of the hallways.

Chapter 5

There was finally a reply on the radio, the voice was trembling: “Full containment breach. The military is on their way, get out of here because they are leveling this place as soon as they can.” The voice sounded very familiar, David quickly realized it was the voice of the man who spoke in the beginning of their term in the Foundation. The guard was silent for a moment before straightening his back and turning to the three Class-D personnel.

“We need to get moving now, be on the lookout and tell me of anything – ANYTHING suspicious or strange you see. This place is a maze and I cannot say I even know my way very well through here but moving is a hell of a lot better than getting bombed by the U.S. military, though that would be preferable to what could be lurking in here.” The three were brought aback by this statement. They knew the dangers of this place but weren’t aware that a breach would call for nuclear reactions from the United States military! They slowly processed the guard’s words. They realized that they were in extremely dark conditions in a foundation that was built to keep dangerous things out of the public and all of those dangerous things are now loose with them.

The group of four walked through the halls and all were thankful that it was uneventful. Behind them, they heard a distant voice echoing through the hallway. “I see it, it’s beautiful.” David turned around and realized that Alex had fallen behind! “This is the most beautiful thing my eyes have ever laid rest upon.” The three thought that was strange, Alex wasn’t one to talk sentimentally. “What does it mean, though?” Only Alex’s voice could be heard, was he talking to himself? What was going on?

“Damnit!” The guard said, “Get back here, Alex! We have no time for this!” David was taken back by the guard calling him by his actual name. Alex never came. “Alright, let’s leave him then.”

“We can’t!” David protested, “he needs to be coming with us! We cannot abandon him!” The guard let out a chuckle and without saying anything, turned and continued onward. David looked at Alisa; the two shared concerned looks then, grudgingly, followed the guard, leaving Alex’s echoing voice in the distance behind them. The halls felt much colder than they had when the power was on, which was to be expected but this seemed much more of a drastic change. “I see my breath.” David said, exhaling to show the others. Neither replied the group fell silent yet again. After a few minutes of walking and turning, David spoke up: “Do you know where we are going?”

“Look, I don’t know where we are, nor where we are going but standing still won’t do us any good and neither will complaining. I have an armed weapon that I could use to end you right now if you don’t shut the hell up.” The guard’s voice was notably aggravated. David considered the idea of allowing the guard to shoot him, it’d be an easy way out! He was absolutely terrified and knew that all around him was the unknown. David was about to respond when they heard it in the distance. “I understand what this represents.” It was Alex! Had they gone in a circle? The guard put his gun down and looked at David. “You guys are lucky. Let’s get him and…” his voice trailed off when he saw which room Alex’s voice was coming from. He read the sign aloud. “SCP-1074, Stendhal's Nightmare.” David read the remaining print.

“Object class: safe! Let’s go in and get him, what’s he been doing in there for the past hour, just talking to himself?” Before David could step into the door, the guard grabbed his shoulder.

“Safe, meaning that it’s not going to come out and get you,” the guards tone was nearly sarcastic, “but believe me when I tell you this, right now, Alex is done for. Maybe physically he is okay but his mind is mush.” David stopped. “It’s a damn painting that draws anyone who catches a glimpse of it towards it, and they cannot look away. If we had some anesthetics, we could knock him out and drag him out of there but we don’t and I, for one, am not risking catching a glimpse of the painting to save your dumbass friend!” The guard was breathing heavy, there was evident stress, probably caused by the fact that they wasted over an hour and made little progress.  “He is done,” He said after a moment to calm down. “Let’s go.” David and Alisa followed him, trying to blank out the voice of their friend that they felt they were leaving to die.

“Yes!” the guards voice rung as he took a right turn and bolted out of view of David and Alisa who sped up to see what he was excited about. The three were met by a large flight of stairs that went only up. “Let’s go!” This sight was both amazing but brought up a question in Alisa’s mind.

“How deep are we?”

“Oh, six, seven stories below ground level.” The guard responded as if it were nothing.

“What?” Alisa stopped “There is no way!”

“You’d be surprised how much funding we get to keep this stuff out of the public.” The guard said, he was obviously in a lighter mood from finding the stairs, which actually rubbed off on David and Alisa.

“So is the exit at the top?” David asked, expecting a yes.

“Not necessarily, but it brings us to the correct level. Once we are up there, we will just have to search for the exit.” The guard said. All three were out of breath but didn’t slow down in the slightest; they continued to run up each and every step, they treated these stairs as if it were a stairway to heaven – or, at least, a stairway from hell. It seemed like an hour passed before the guard collapsed at the top of the stairs and the others followed suit. Laying on their backs, they felt safe, they felt free. This illusion was broken at the sound of a low, muffled voice with a thick, English accent. “Well, look what we have here.” The three bolted up quicker than they ever could’ve imagined doing.

“Damnit! We can’t catch a break!” The guard screamed. “Don’t let him touch you he’s –” the voice cut him off.

“Saving humanity.”

“No, he will kill you, me, and every other human on this planet.”

“Oh good sir, you are most mistaken.” The source of the voice came into view.

Standing before them was a humanoid looking man in a thick, black shroud. He had something protruding downward from his face though it was too dark to tell exactly what it was. Two eyes could be seen under the hood, though. The guard raised his gun and shot the man in the leg who reacted only by saying “My, you certainly have the disease in you, sir.”

“Run!” the guard said to David and Alisa who didn’t need to be told twice. The three ran around the creature who turned to follow them, one arm outstretched in front of him as he did. The guard led the two through random twists and turned before reaching a T-intersection. Alisa stood by a doorway and felt a hand grip her arm.

“You do not need to worry about your friend, here, as I will rid her of the great pestilence.” It was the creature! How had it found them so quickly? David wondered.

“Damn it, damn it, damn it!” The guard yelled. “She is as good as dead, I am sorry Alissa, but you’re done.” The guards voice was shaky, he grabbed David and pulled him into running. David followed but all the while looking over his shoulder at Alissa who's back slid down the wall behind her into a sitting position.

“What the hell was that thing?” David yelled to the man who was now extremely urgent to escape.

“That was SCP-049.” The guard said. He now sounded as if he was fed up with everything. “He sees’s humanity as having ‘a disease’ that only he has the cure for.” The guard’s voice choked up. “He kills them then revives them as mindless zombies.” David felt despaired that Alisa is probably currently in such a state. Before David could utter up a response, the guard yelled, “The exit!” there were tears of joy and sorrow in both of the men as they burst through the doors.

Sunlight is such a strange commodity, it comes and goes not at the will of man, but as the days proceed and recede. When David was met with the sunlight it was instant happiness, he couldn’t imagine a more beautiful sight. He and the guard walked down the concrete path to meet up with the last leaving foundation vehicle and boarded it. The man in the passenger seat turned around to David and smothered his face with some kind of chemical-coated rag and David woke up in the hospital, with all of his belongings lying next to him and a note placed on it.




We are extremely sorry that your stay at the foundation was less than even foundation standards. Your term has hereby been completed and you are free to go. However, you are still bound to secrecy and if you are to tell anyone about the foundation and we find out, which we will, you and anyone who knows will be terminated. The families of Alex and Alisa are going to be there to meet you and to help you adjust to life. They were told that they were killed and mutilated in a jail fight and you tried to step in and save them. Have a good life, David, don’t be stupid and end up  back in Jail. I am sure we won’t meet again.

Signed, Gary, (the guard who saved your ass).

Despite all of the hell he was put through and all of the horrific sights he witnessed at the foundation, this letter brought a smile to his face. As the note said, the families of Alex and Alisa met him there, still with tears in their eyes, every single one of them. One, however, caught his eye. Alex’s sister brightened up at the sight of David waking up David brightened up simply at the sight of her. They ended up marrying and having two children, Amy, and me, Tod. My dad passed away last week and he told me this story in his dying breath. I was unsure how to feel, would the foundation really know? But he made sure to tell me in the privacy of our home. He told me because he was dying of cancer and he said that someone needs to know his story. I am writing this because I believe that the public deserves to know! And… they’re already after me. Upon the autopsy, they found a microphone implanted next to his larynx. They’re after me, I am sure, so I am writing this because they simply cannot kill all of you! Beware all, the world is a much more mysterious place. Stay safe.


Submitted: February 28, 2016

© Copyright 2022 creepyquantum. All rights reserved.

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