Don't look

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Ginny is babysitting suddenly a weird creature starts getting her

Submitted: November 20, 2012

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Submitted: November 20, 2012






"I wish that Mrs. Jenkins hadn't chosen today to have all of the drapes in the family room cleaned." Thought Ginny as she turned on the television set. "Baby-sitting is scary enough, even when the drapes are closed." Ginny had always enjoyed the time she spent with the Jenkins children. But she dreaded the long hours after their bedtime when she was the only one awake in the creaky, old house.

Settling herself in a comfortable leather armchair, Ginny was certain that she was imagining a tapping noise at the window behind her. "The wind must be blowing," she murmured, trying to reassure herself as she turned in her chair what she saw when she faced the window caused her breath to catch in her throat. Ginny saw a guy that was slender and he had some weird tentacles behind him and he was wearing a business suit with a tie, she looked closer and noticed that the man had no face!

 She had the chills and she was freaking out so much. She looked away from the window for one second and he came closer "Oh god what does he want." Ginny said in fear. He doesn't move when Ginny looks at him but when she looks at him for a couple seconds she feels like somehow she dying. So she didn't look at him at all, a couple seconds later the doorbell rang and she had to open it.  She was terrified, shaking and a bit crying. When she opened it there was no one there. Then suddenly she heard some weird static noise behind her. So she turned around and there he was looking at her, Ginny was speechless.

She screamed and run upstairs to get the kids but they weren't there, there was just some blood, the blood the disappeared mysteriously, she ran downstairs and there he was, just standing on top of a circle with a x in the middle of it. Ginny tried to stop looking at him but something wouldn't let her.

While she was looking at him she recognized him. It was a scary creature from a creepy pasta story. A long time ago families would camp in the deep woods and then they started finding mysterious things like carvings in trees telling them stuff like leave me alone and watches with no eyes and don't look or he takes you, and one day the parent was walking with the kid in the woods and found a circle with a x in it, it was painted with blood and then in a second he appeared in front of them and a person witnessed it and told him kill them both. He told everyone at the camp what happened and the next night what happened is terrifying, he chased every single person down and kill them, there was no evidence because he stored every dead body in a unknown  dimension and when he kills them he kills them with his tentacles and makes sure they suffer a slow painful death. His name is slender man.

She didn't want to experience that death and the stress of knowing that the kids that she was suppose to keep safe were dead, she rather commit suicide than die by him so she did. The parents came home with writings everywhere saying stuff like follows and can't run, and little did the parents know that they were the next victims. 

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