Dark Cold

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: Booksie Classic
It is only, hopefully, just a beginning to something. Really do not have enough to provide a short summary as I am unsure where the story will be headed.

Submitted: April 06, 2013

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Submitted: April 06, 2013



Someone so dark, so evil, his very presence sends chills up your spine. Not those chills. The chills obtained from an open window in the winter. He walks by you, and you freeze as you watch him. You can almost see your breath emanating from your mouth - a cold winters day. However, he is not that close to you but a good ways away from your seated position.

Someone so dark, so evil you don't want to look at him. But you must, you have to. You're transfixed on this being. He is not of this world, yet he is fascinating to you as he glides from step to step. You keep watching as he walks by, black cloak flowing. You must not watch but you do. You keep watching for anything, something but nothing happens.

He looks at you but you know he is to do this so you look down fast. Unsure if it was fast enough. But curiosity compels you to look up again perhaps to sneak a glimpse of the hooded face surrounded by darkness. But he is already walking, gliding by. Not fast but slow and steady. He has nothing to fear. He is fear!

You look around quickly to see what others, are there others, think of this being before them. You quickly realize it's just you and him.

Although fear has not set in yet, you're only alone. This being is not that close to you to send fear into you, a little unsettling maybe. Besides you've been alone in a big place before. There’s nothing to fear outside in the sun, nothing to fear but fear itself. But he is fear isn't he? Maybe there is reason to fear.

Your stomach begins to fill with fear now. The dark being that makes you cold all over stops and turns to you. Again, you know this before he looks so you look away pretending you're not paying attention, pretending your mind is occupied. Pointless efforts since you’re the only one there. But you do it anyway.

Curiosity takes hold and slowly you look up. There in the blackness of the hood, closer now, you see a face. Not much but enough to make some of the characteristics out. A battered face, one that looks worn, wrinkled from some form of power. But not age, no not age. His eyes hypnotize you. They are light blue but bright, and looking at you.

You look back at him, transfixed. Nothing you can do but watch as he glides toward you. He is fear and fear fills you up inside. Still, nothing you can do but watch. You can see he does have feet now. He is dressed all in black - seems fitting. Closer he comes. His hands tucked inside the cloak sleeves, not to be seen.

He is fear, he will fill you up.

The face looks down on you now; it looks, surprisingly, familiar to you. Who is this dark person before you? How did he make all these people disappear?

Then the dark, cold man said, as your bones begin to freeze - fingers freezing on the steering wheel in an air conditioned vehicle. "Because they do not exist," his breath became a fog as it left his mouth.

You look the only way you can, at him. But you can think. No you can't there is nothing to think of. Now you are scared and fear is gone. It has upgraded, scaled up, you're terrified. You can't even think straight. Who is this man?

In a commanding voice he slowly answers your scrambled, uncontrolled thoughts as if they were his own. ‘I am you. You are me. I exist because of you. You exist because of me. Without you I am nothing. Without me you are nothing.’ He smiles, is he enjoying this? Then he is the only one.

He reaches for you, his hand lands on your shoulder. COLD! He places the other hand on the other shoulder. COLD! You feel you could shout in surprise. But you can't. You can only look, transfixed, at the being.

Finally you manage a strangled question: "Who are you?"

COLD! The freezing pain lowers as if his hands and arms are sinking into you. His face gets closer. You try to look at it but you are having troubles.

But wait. This is a dream. You're in control.

You try to push off. But you can't. Wake up. You try to say, without success. The pain goes in further. He gets closer. Just about when you feel he is fully inside you he calmly replies to your question.

"I am you."

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