Existences of FANTASY & REALITY

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The difference between and why it is a good thing to combine, safely, fantasy and reality into our lives.

Submitted: April 06, 2013

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Submitted: April 06, 2013



These two existences placed together can create a powerful  feeling of ability. Of course this can both be good and bad. In some cases a deadly mix. One might bring fantasy to reality and accomplish a goal in life, for example, becoming physically fit. One might have been fantasizing about doing something to someone, as we have seen, making it reality. As much as we would like to disown or think those who fantasize are in anyway not sane, we need both fantasy and reality. Without reality we wouldn't exist. Without fantasy we would have one hell of a time with life.

Fantasy gives authors the means to write their stories we must delve into. Fantasy gives our film directors, our actors, our producers, our musicians - this list goes on - the ability to give us entertainment,  art and pleasure. To make our lives seemingly worth living. It gives those of us who are not apt to create these forms of art or entertainment the ability to watch them, to feel them, to want them. Whether they are movies, TV shows, a painting, a book by Stephen King. Fantasy even helps us understand what we see and comprehend. It gives us the ability to go somewhere and think and wonder... what if.

Reality, it is where we are now. Though some have difficulties understanding what is real and what is not, it is the inevitable reality. We need this to make it all happen, for better or worse. As mentioned without reality we would not exist. Perhaps it is easy to say that reality is rather boring and mundane. Full of items routinely seen and tasks routinely performed. Whether incorrectly or otherwise. Reality gives what is true. How one takes the truth determines how their reality flows. Making the what if come true.

Fantasy and Reality are, in a humble opinion,  two separate existences. One false, one real. It's up to all of us to determine when to mix the two together. Without fantasy we would surely rot from boredom. Without reality we are not here. Combined together we can achieve so much.

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