Letter to our Mother

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A dreadful time of unrelenting, unwanted peace.

Submitted: September 29, 2012

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Submitted: September 29, 2012



You're so special to us. The only one in our lives who knows this family through and through is you. Any new members, grandchildren, in-laws, you came to know regardless of troubling circumstances. Can we claim the same about our feats?
I started writing this watching over you on the Friday afternoon of December 9, 2011. It's hard to watch you, so strong, fight for so long. You fought all the way.  I am sure we all have been watching with great admiration. If you’ll pardon a quote from a film “It ain’t how hard you can hit. It’s how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward.” Mom, you certainly did that.
I don't understand why God let all this fall upon you. I never will. Some silly notion to prove that even the strong hearted and valiantly, kindly friendly to all and everyone can and will fall to dire and holy unwelcoming circumstances? This is ridiculously unbecoming and unfitting of a supposed Father to children. A real father would do everything in his will to prevent such pain.
It's best, then, we should not, for now, pay any mind to that dislike or hate toward Him. It's best then we pay mind to you, our mother. It is best we pay our mind's attention toward you and your unfailing love toward all of us and those all around you. Not hard to do.
You smiled that day I told dad to go home and sleep. I stayed with you. You and I, despite what you were fighting you continued to smile.  I want to tell you to keep smiling. Prove that this ungrateful thing called life has no power over you. I didn't have to ask you to keep smiling. As long as you saw your family and had us with you, you smiled brightly.
Perhaps we shall conclude with a fond memory. Though it is one of mine solely and I am sure we all have our memories and much, much more; there was never anyone you would not greet with a smile.  Your strength and determination to put even the most disgruntled of people at some sort of ease, amazing. How could anyone feel that way or worse when you would greeted them?
Mother, you are always right where there is so much wrong.

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