Pachelbel's Canon

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: Booksie Classic

A story about a man who loses himself, who becomes so intwined in everything but nothing.

Table of Contents

So it begins

A story about a man who loses himself, who becomes so intwined in everything but nothing. Read Chapter

Pachelbel's Canon

Officer Campbell is fairly new to the force. She went through all the training every cop had done and completed. She is young. She had he... Read Chapter

The same

Finally, Burlington shows up on the signs. The music CD now stopped, he continued to reflect on what he had just done this day. Murder. B... Read Chapter

Criminal Hero

The black BMW pulls up to the lights and the abandoned OPP cruiser. The man, who had just stolen this car, would’ve kept going but ... Read Chapter


James Bentgibber, a U.S and Canadian business man. He travels back and forth between these countries for his bosses as he thinks them. He... Read Chapter


James was told his yellow shaded eye whites were not the effect of a bad liver. Obvious now, he is still living. He would tell people, li... Read Chapter

A Radical Suggestion

With James actually talking to her she had forgotten about the bruise. She also is a little frightened of his yellowish eyes. She never c... Read Chapter

The Friends Meet Crowbar

Bill worked at a steel plant out on the floor doing what he called grunge work and Doug is a Hamilton Police officer. They considered eac... Read Chapter

Pain of Change

James had bound up Sally in his spacious apartment on the 8th floor. Nothing in there but a lazy boy chair and some wooden dining chairs ... Read Chapter

Bill and Doug Again

James got out of the elevator and walked outside to the visitor’s parking lot. He parked his car where he usually parked it since ... Read Chapter

Black BMW

Two days pass. News being broadcast everywhere. Two days pass and no one knew what he really looked like. There is a description by an of... Read Chapter