the demons in us

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this is about demons

Submitted: July 06, 2015

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Submitted: July 06, 2015





Demons hide in all of us.

They are the ones that control us.

They put us in danger.

They give us anger.

They control us.


They give us greed.
Lots of greed.

They bring us to hell,

to live in a cell.

Because of our greed.


When they first start,

they burn a hole in our heart,

that can never be filled.

That's how we get killed.

Because of the hole in our heart.


They rot our brain,

to make us insane.

As we go crazy.

They get lazy,

and rest in our brain.


When we go to sleep.

Those are the memories they keep.

That is where we get nightmares from,

and the demons have more to come.

They give us hell when we sleep.


You may ask how we get rid of them.

You just have to deal with them.

They may try to hide.

But they will always be inside.

So just deal with them.


Nothing can be done.

To fix what they have done.

Until the end.

When we end.

Then they will be done.

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