Amber, My Brother, My Bestfriend

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I sat on the terrace and stared at the full moon. As I watched the stars twinkling brightly, I grabbed my phone and browse through some pictures. Most of them were of my family. Especially, my brother. I stood up and went to my room, getting ready for bed. I turned off my lampshade and proceeded to sleep. But instead of sleeping, I thought about my brother, Amber.


I sat on the terrace and stared at the full moon. As I watched the stars twinkling brightly, I grabbed my phone and browse through some pictures. Most of them were of my family. Especially, my brother. I stood up and went to my room, getting ready for bed. I turned off my lampshade and proceeded to sleep. But instead of sleeping, I thought about my brother, Amber.

You see, we’re not just siblings. We’re the best of friends. He accompanies me everywhere and we barely have a fight with each other. We’re partners in crime and he’s always there to look after me and stand up for me.

In my 22 years of living, I’ve always been a baby sister to him. He’s not just exceptionally kind; he’s also an intelligent lad. He even helps me in my assignments on Physics and Calculus. He’s simply the best. I can count on him anytime, He’s Amber. My Brother, My best friend.


Two years ago, after my graduation in college, my brother treated me a trip to Italy.

“I wonder what it’s like in Europe.” I once asked. After reading a book entitled “Italian for Beginners” by Kristen Harmel.

“Don’t worry Sydney; I’ll bring you there someday.” My brother said.

“Oh, come on Amber! I was just asking. It’s not like I want to go there.” I blurted out.

“Fine, whatever you say.”

But after having that conversation few years ago, He didn’t forget his promise. After the graduation day, he went to my bedroom and placed the ticket on my bedside table. When I woke up, I rushed into the living room looking for him with the tickets on my hand.

“Oh brother, thank you, thank you so much!”

“You deserve it little girl, for the long years of hard work “he replied.

Of course it wasn’t easy to ask our parent’s approval for travelling outside the country without them, But because of my brother’s convincing speeches, we were finally given the chance.

We hung around there for about 10 days. We visited the Vatican City, the prominent museums where priceless paintings were being exhibited, the scenic landmarks of the country and Verona, where the astonishing movie “Letters to Juliet took place.

It was indeed the most notable trip that I ever had. And I owe it to my bighearted brother.

When we were back home, we spent the remaining weeks left for summer with our family and hanging out with friends. I decided to start working after summer. So that I would at least savor the remaining time off.

Summer’s over and I began to work. My brother would always give me a ride to the workstation and back home. People who don’t knew us would be often mistaken and ask us if we’re going out together. We just laughed about it. I’ve never had any boyfriend or any sorts, ever since. I don’t feel like having one. While my brother, after two failed relationships, he never looked for another one. Sometimes, I feel at fault for it. Because he might think that I still need to be taken care of and that he’s handling that responsibility. But he always tell me,” It’s not like that Sydney; It’s just that the right girl hasn’t appeared yet.”

“Okay, but please let me know when she do.” I told him.

“Of course, you’d be the first one to know.’ He promised.

We spent most of our time together when we’re not having hectic schedules. We often sit on the terrace and gaze at the sky. Read books, watch movies, and go to concerts of our beloved bands. He’s an athlete, I’m not. I simply don’t enjoy those types of stuffs. He sometimes teaches me how to play volleyball and tennis. But I just end up being a boring playmate. But we do enjoy horseback riding. Though we’re not skilled equestrians, we love horses. But while he’s delighted with sports, I have my own, I play the piano, and he doesn’t. I occasionally play it for him before going to bed.

We used to be an exultant family, hindrance-free, and away from serious troubles and anguished tears. We were like any typical family, Parents going to church with their children and strolling around the parks and malls. .

But not until the day when everything turned upside-down, when we felt that the whole world was against us.

It was one fine afternoon, it was nearly 04:00 p.m. and my brother was supposedly going to fetch me. He was never late nor absent. That’s why I felt kind of troubled.

I got my phone and tried to contact him, his phone was turned off. I called home but no one’s there. I waited for another 30 minutes. But he was still not around. So I decided to go home by myself.

As expected, nobody’s home. Deeming that perhaps they have some exigent thing to do, I went straight to the kitchen and made a peanut butter-jelly sandwich. As I open the fridge to get some milk, the telephone rang. I ran toward the living room and answered it


“Sydney, this is your mother.” she declared.

“Oh mom, Where is everybody? No one’s here and Amber didn’t fetch me.” I retorted.

She was tongue-tied for a moment.

“Mom, are you there? What’s happening?” I asked her impatiently,

“Sydney, you need to come here to the General Sanatorium. We need to talk about some things.” She said.

“Hospital? Why? What happened?” I exclaimed.

“Just go, we’re waiting for you.” she told me.

Without responding, I ended the call and directly got my bag. I shut the door and put the keys on my pocket.

I got into a cab and then instructed the driver where I’m going, Sitting there, pondering what could have happen and praying that nothing heinous is going on.

I didn’t notice that I already arrived until the driver approached me. I handed the payment to him and went out.

I went to the information and asked the assignee.

“Excuse me, Is there any Larkville being admitted here?” I asked.

“Uhmm… Name please.”

“I’m not really sure, but Amber Larkville or Clark Larkville.”

“Oh, 4th floor, room number 128.” she replied.

I used the elevator, wondering who could be the one being hospitalized. I don’t remember anyone being ill and I hope no one’s accidentally hit or something.

The elevator’s door opened and I went instantly to the nurse’s station.

“Excuse me; may I know where I could find room 128?”

“Just go straight ahead, the turn to the left corner.” The nurse told me

“Thank you’”

I followed what the nurse has told me, and then I found the room. I knocked hesitantly then my dad opened the door.

It was neither my dad nor my mother who was lying on the hospital bed. It was my brother. He looks fine except that his lips were pale and his hands, cold. I stared at them.

My brother was the one who broke the silence.

“Hello sissy, you must be tired. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to fetch you. Go get yourself something to eat.”

Instead of doing what he told me, I asked him deliberately, “What’s wrong Amber?”

“Don’t be so vexed. I just fainted in the office, you know, I’ve had lots of things to do lately, so I was pretty occupied. Don’t worry I’ll be fine in not time. ”he assured me.

I stared at him and I knew that he was hiding something from me. “No, you’re not fine. Tell me, what is going on?”

But instead of answering me, he just sighed deeply. I waited for him to speak but obviously, he won’t be giving me some answers. So I turned to my parents, I saw my mom’s eye getting wet. She held my hand then motioned for me to go outside.

We were sitting outside the room, conferring with the doctor. I can’t comprehend what I just heard.

About two years ago, my brother was diagnosed with leukemia. He was taking medications frequently. He didn’t tell us because he doesn’t want us to worry about him. The doctor told us that it was nearly impossible for him to last for another year.

My mother was not able to hold back her tears anymore, she started to break down, while I was trying to stop my tears from falling down, I was also trying to calm my mother. The doctor said that we must be strong for him and spend every single moment collecting lots of happy moments.

Ironic isn’t it? How could we even act happily? When we know for a fact that my brother would be soon gone? But the doctor was right, though we know that he’s already suffering, we should not let him feel worse because it would hurt him more.

After hearing the sudden revelation, I went immediately to the hospital’s chapel. I knelt down and prayed really hard, with tears streaming down on my face.

I was also asking, why of all people, why him? He’s so virtuous and I don’t think he deserve such misfortune. I pleaded for a miracle, I wished that it was only a dream, and in no time I’ll wake up from this dreadful nightmare. But it wasn’t, I was not dreaming. My brother was dying, and it’s clearly impractical to think that we could do anything to change it.

I went inside his room again, my parents asked me to look after him for the night so that they could get some things from the house.

‘It looks like we’re staying here for a while.” I thought to myself.

Amber was sleeping peacefully. I sat on his bed, staring at his innocent face. I didn’t notice that I was already sobbing. He woke up and saw the tears. I wiped it off immediately. But he just beamed at me.

“Sydney, I’m fine. You shouldn’t be sad. I’m still your brother, and I’ll be taking care of you no matter what.” he said.

“But Amber, why didn’t you tell us?”

“Sydney, there are things that we can’t comprehend but it’s meant to happen. And we should accept it because we can’t alter it. We should lay our faith on him (he pointed his index finger upward) and know that he will never abandon us.

I sighed.

“Cheer up, sis. We’ll be fine.” he said.

“Yeah, right. We’ll be fine. “I replied.

He slept once again. I sat down and took a picture of him sleeping.

It was already 2:00 a.m. when I felt that I was already sleepy. So, I lay down on the sofa and took a nap.

I woke up and recognized my parents watching a show on the television, having a funny discussion with my brother, while eating, just like an ordinary day at home. I sat down and stared at them sleepily.

“It’s already 10:00 in the morning Sydney. Get something to fill your tummy.” my dad told me.

I stood up and went to the table; grabbed a wheat bread and a cup of fresh milk.

“I went to your workplace this morning, I told the supervisor that you might be absent for a few days. “Mom said.

“Thanks mom, I’ll stop by the office later, I’d like to take a leave.” I declared.

“Why would you take a leave? Amber asked.

“Of course, why not? I’ll take care of you.” I said.

“I can take care of myself.” He replied.

“I want to, and you can’t change my mind.” I retorted.

There was no point of arguing, I want to do it, and nobody can stop me, not even him.

So I took a leave, stayed in the hospital while my parents were at work and slept at home twice a week. My brother, on the other hand became weak. He can’t stand up on his own and needed to be spoon fed. He’s getting weaker and weaker with the passing days.

Two months have already passed.

I was at home. I went to the terrace and gaze at the stars just like what Amber and I usually do. My phone rang, and the call was from my dad, he handed the phone to my brother. Amber told me that they were sitting by the terrace of the hospital while gazing the stars and feeling the fresh breeze of the air.

“You should not stay outside for a long time; too much coldness isn’t good for you.” I told him.

“Yeah. I will.” He said weakly then bade goodbye.

After the call, I went to my bedroom; I lay down to bed and took a rest.

The next day, I went to the hospital. Amber and I watched a movie. It was very funny that we were laughing nonstop and our tummies were already hurting.

While eating lunch, he suddenly said.” I want to go home,”

“Why?” I asked.

“I just want to go home.” He said.

I felt uneasy. He wants to go home yet he’s not yet fine. But I don’t have a choice. When my parents arrived, I told them about his request. Though I can see in their faces that they’re worried, they still granted him his desire.

So we returned home already, he stayed at his room; and every night, I played the piano for him or read him books until he fell asleep.

Before I went to sleep, I prayed to God to take care of my brother

A week after, on a Sunday, my family and I went to the church. Amber was on a wheelchair, he was so thin already. After the mass, we had lunch outside our house. We were making barbeques and salad. After eating, we watched a movie entitled, “Hachiko”. It was a movie about a very loyal dog.

We prepared dinner then ate. It was about 9:30 p.m. when we were already getting ready to sleep. As usual, I went to my brother’s room. I turned the piano on, but before playing, he requested me to play his favorite piano piece.” My Memory” after playing the song he called me.

“Come here sissy, I’ll tell you something’” he said.

“Always bear in mind that you’ll always have me by your side. No matter what happens. I may be gone for a while, but I’ll always be here to guide you and support you n everything that you do.” he continued.

“Please take care good care of mom and dad, make them happy and proud as you always made me.”

“And lastly, follow your heart’s desires. Don’t be afraid to reach your dreams and always put your feet on the ground.”

Then I began to cry.

“Stop crying, everything will be just fine. You will never be alone. Remember that.” He said with a smile, while tears were flowing from his eyes.

“Oh Amber!” I exclaimed.

And in that instant, he smiled for the last time and said ‘It’s all said and done, it’s real, and it’s been fun. Thank you Sydney.”



I stayed at our home’s terrace once again, gazing at the stars as always. Five years have already passed but my brother’s memories still linger. I never played the piano after that day. You see, I just played it for him. Maybe I’ll play it someday. But not now, not until the pain is already gone. My family and I will forever be affected by his loss. I guess It would take some time to move on, but as the quote goes on Mitch Albom’s book, “Tuesdays with Morrie”, “"Don't let go too soon but don't hang on too long.”

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Wonderful! Touching!
I really love the part when Amber pointed upwards and said "he would never leave us". It's really touching to see someone's who's near death still have that big faith, not like other people who are still healthy but don't have faith that big. Like this story. *thumbs up*

Sun, October 16th, 2011 10:30am


Thank you. :))

Wed, October 19th, 2011 6:31am

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