Ryan's Summer

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

they were friends. ryan and summer wre innocent, six year olds, and were friends. tragedie split them apart and sent ryan away into foster care. now its ten years later, and ryan's back. they of course fall in love. but there's a problem: ryan's new dad is abusive. and summer could be, to put it bluntly, screwed. can they save eachother?

Table of Contents

Ryan's Summer

Ryan and Summer were friends in kindergarten. But one day, Ryan's mom dissappeared, and he had to leave everything behind, and go away into foster care. Ten years later, he comes back, living in a foster home in new york. He and summer instantly fall in love. but there's a problem: ryan's new dad is abusive. Ryan has to hide new bruises every day. he's only staying there for summer. what will she do? what will he do? Read Chapter

(Ryan's P.O.V.) 2009 I couldn't believe it. It had been ten years, and I was finally home. It was sophmore year, I was sixteen, and I... Read Chapter

(Summer's P.O.V.) He was insanely hot. He was funny, and smart, and caring. There was no way he'd ever go for someone like me. ButI w... Read Chapter

(Summer's P.O.V.) At home that night, my mom came in my room, wearing a tight black dress, purple tights, black stilletos, and purple... Read Chapter

(Ryan's P.O.V.) "I am NOT a whore, and you have no reason to think that I am!" said Tammy angrily. Ray smacked her in the face. Not h... Read Chapter

(Summer's P.O.V.) I changed into my purple and black plaide pj pants and a black tank. I pulled all my dark red hair back into a very... Read Chapter

(Ryan's P.O.V.) I fell asleep really fast on Summer's couch. It felt like I had only been asleep for seconds when I woke up. But I ha... Read Chapter

(Ryan's P.O.V.) I went home that night, but only for Tammy. If it weren't for her, I'd never go back, well, her and Summer. I walked ... Read Chapter

(Ryan's P.O.V.) "Was it Ray?" I asked. The event was coming back to me, I remembered being shoved back onto the stove, And punched an... Read Chapter

(Summer's P.O.V.) Ryan was home. Ray promised he'd change. Ryan believed him, so I couldn't help but be happy. When I walked out to t... Read Chapter

(Summer's P.O.V.) "Summer," when he whispered my name, I felt the tears starting to come. I held them back, just like I always had, "... Read Chapter

(Ryan's P.O.V.) Summer and I went upstairs to my room. We turned on Sweeney Todd, Demon Barber of Fleet Street, turned off, the light... Read Chapter

(Summer's P.O.V.) I watched as Ray stumbled in through the front door. He was obviously drunk. Poor Ryan. He'll be so dissapointed, I... Read Chapter

(Summer's P.O.V.) When I get scared, I freeze. I can't move, I can't speak, I'm frozen. Now I was frozen. Ray was using his knee to h... Read Chapter

(Summer's P.O.V.) Ryan collapsed, the bullet went straight through his heart. "NOO!" I sobbed. He fell forward, thus landing righ... Read Chapter

here's the theme song for this one:) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eZle9Ek2u3s ... Read Chapter