Alluring lust and tormented temptation

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Playing with fire, could prove tempting and the love triangle that exists, is only known but two of the three parties. Sometimes we tinker in things, just because we know we shouldn't.

Submitted: May 27, 2012

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Submitted: May 27, 2012




Dana and I had always been friends, as far back as I could remember. We had wondered in an out of that intense emotion a million times, we were well suited, at first the chemistry was transparent from my side, I had never enticed those thrilling, tantalizing thoughts then it seemed to go through metamorphosis and suddenly the appeal and desire was inescapable.

Yet as if on a loop the same scenario continued to occur when I was with someone, she wished for more than friendship and when I finally had my epiphany she was involved with the woman of her dreams. Allie, the blonde haired, blue eyed, sex on a stick girl with an inspiring intellectual mind… The type of girl you loved to hate. My dislike for Allie was apparent, abrupt and most times sinister. The feeling was mutual she detested the connection that Dana and I had, and the silence that darted between us was filled with poisonous truths we never dared to speak.

Many moons later at my farewell party, Allie was seated next to me, we spoke for the first time in years and I don’t know if it was the copious amounts of alcohol, my departure or the strain of moving to a different city, but I saw Allie in a completely different light. Maybe it was the awkwardness of Allie knowing about Dana and my discretion, two weeks prior. They had once again been on one of their breaks, and this time without hesitation or taking into account the consequences of my actions, Dana and I had finally copulated our unrealistic relationship.

Allie was attempting to be aloof, but her instinctual dislike of me seemed to have faded, her fiery flirtatious persona was now at play and even though I hate to admit it, I found it irresistible. The urge to play this game was overwhelming, no possible harm would come from a little innocent bit of banter… could it?

At the end of this eventful occasion, Allie and I exchanged numbers and Dana was finally impressed that the two us had made an effort to get along. I was moving more than a thousand miles away, nothing would happen with a girl like Allie, the girl with many interests, partying hard status and ice cold blue eyes.

Our first exchange via texts, was courteous and polite, her asking about my new city and my new friends. Our exchanges seemed to become more frequent, less polite and more flirtatious. Each time I hit the send button the excitement surged through my body and yet each time Dana called the guilt ran riot through my veins. The corroding confliction was like a slow brewing volcano that seemed to be on the brink of eruption.

I repeatedly told myself Allie and I were having innocent fun, our messages were a little racy, it was like becoming enthralled in a thrilling rollercoaster ride with none of the after effects, each time my phone buzzed, I felt electrified, like something inside of me that had once been still and serene had re-awoken.

The tantalizing temptation was becoming harder to resist as each day passed, I had to end it and all these selfish notions. I was due to visit my mom back home and Dana offered me a ride from the airport, I weighed up my options, I couldn’t decline, she would suspect something but in accepting, would I be able to resist the sight of Allie sitting in the passenger seat?

Allie was ultra cool at the airport, we hugged and my heart was pounding in my chest, it felt trapped and I could hear the booming of drums resounding in my ears. She smiled a sultry, seductive smirk and her eyes twinkled a little before she turned away. Dana was so oblivious and yet when she looked at me, the guilt I felt resurfaced.

I went back to Dana and Allie’s place and we proceeded to have a few drinks, kicking back, relaxing, chatting about the last few months that had past. We were smoking, singing along to some familiar tunes, every now and then I would catch Allie’s tempting eyes, trying to ensnare my focus… Dana announced she was going out to buy some snacks, that left Allie and I alone… I didn’t even hear Dana asking me what I wanted… Dana and Allie burst out laughing, “you have a few drinks and you already going deaf”.

Dana left.. Allie sat there in her chair just staring at me, a piercing longing stare, with a playful smile on her face, I have never been an initiator but I wasn’t about to let this opportunity slide, I stood up walked over to Allie graciously crouching down and placing my hands on her long slender legs, my lips mere millimeters from her ear and I huskily whispered “Would you like another drink?” She turned subtly and placed her hand on my face and she forcefully kissed me and retorted “Would you like another?” My body was tingling, the thrill and the rush of her kiss pulsated throughout my being, we were wrapped in a tempting world of passion, fury, anguish and tormenting temptation.

We heard Dana close the car port door, I stood up with the sensation of pins and needles burning in my lustful body and returned to my chair. Allie mockingly brushed her lips with the tips of her fingers… the desire still enflamed in her eyes.

The night seemed to linger on, the alcoholic beverages seemed to flow swiftly and the drowsiness of the day started to show in Dana’s eyes. She was always so sincere to me yet her and Allie were like two cats on a hot tin roof, one scowling and the other cowering. I guess that is what it’s like after seven years together. Dana decided to call it a night, Allie sat and looked up at the stars and simply said she would join Dana later.

Captured by silence, we looking longingly at one another, listening attentively to Dana’s movements in the bedroom. The sensation had become this aching temptation, building as every minute ticked away, the urge to feel her soft silky skin against mine and the taste of her sweet smoldering kisses on my lips, became an urge that was hard to resist.

Finally the haunting noises within the house had died down and the bedroom light had been off for at least twenty minutes. She stood up and pulled me close, engulfed by amorous affinities we indulged in one another, her lips seemed to incinerate my skin, my hands searching every inch of her skin, every touch was more forbidden than the last, she was pushed up against the cold wall and her breathing had become rapid, I held my fingers to her lips, “SSShhh”, the fact that we had to be quiet only heightened the pleasure…

Suddenly with a loud thud the bedroom door swung open, Allie and I fumbled around in the dark looking for items of clothing, I managed to find everything and get dressed in the speed of light, then attempted to compose myself for Dana’s appearance. It felt as if time has ceased to exist and the world was on stand-by mode, it felt like the temptation was still teasing me…

Dana’s eyes look at us accusingly, Allie and I just played dumb, we were both so good at the art of manipulation, so when Dana apologized for wrongfully accusing us the next morning, we both smile a smile filled with a little guilt and a lot of scintillating satisfaction. 

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