My Grandmother's Cross

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Peter fell in love with Jennifer the second that he had first laid his eyes on her at the church social. To what extent will Peter go to save the love of his life?

Submitted: May 13, 2011

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Submitted: May 13, 2011



I look over my shoulder and continue running. “He's coming after us Jennifer, he's coming for us! Keep running!” I yell to my left. I look and there is no one there. Stopping in my tracks, I look to find Jennifer. I can't see her anywhere. Instead I see two evil, sinning, disgusting, beastly eyes staring back at me. I have no time to find Jennifer, I must save myself. “God will protect her. God will protect her.” I keep thinking to myself. Clutching my grandmother's cross in a clenched fist, I run as fast and as hard as I can, away from the animal gazing at me. I wonder how I have gotten myself in to this horrible situation.

The grass is bright, and the sun is shining. The day couldn't have been better. “Peter, we're setting up for mass in the pavilion instead of in the chapel. Father Mason thought since it was such a nice day after the long winter, it would be a nice change of scenery for everyone.” “Oh, okay, do you and Father Mason need and help?” Jennifer just smiled, grabbed my hand, and led me to the pavilion. Mass began at 8 o' clock, with the beautiful singing of the St. Joseph Church choir. After three songs, Father Mason began the sermon. In the beginning, it was quite hard to hear him, and seeing Jennifer was only distracting me more. She had seen me looking over to her and did one of her cute little half smiles and waved to me. I was about to wave back when I suddenly heard a sound the brought me back to reality. Father Mason had his fist balled up and on the top of the podium. \"If a man lies with a man as one lies with a woman, both of them have done what is detestable. They must be put to death; their blood will be on their own heads. Leviticus 20:13,” Father Mason had slammed the Bible closed and bashed his clenched fist on the podium once again, “The homosexuals are the ones ruining this world. The Bible clearly states a man is not to lay with another man, yet it’s happening every day. We must do something about this, and soon!” “Father Mason, we have tried everything, and everything has failed.” Jennifer reminded everyone. “What have we left to try?” “My dearest Jennifer, soon enough the answer to all our worries will be revealed by the Lord.” Father Mason replied. The rest of mass passed in silence, except for the booming sound of Father Mason’s voice. Jennifer waited for me after mass and asked if I could give her a ride home. It definitely worked in my favor that I’m almost eighteen, and Jennifer is only sixteen, therefore doesn’t have a license yet. The ride back to Watertown is a long one, about an hour and a half, but St. Joseph’s is the best church around. “Peter,” Jennifer whispered, “can I talk to you about something?” “Of course Jenn, I told you I’m always here for you.” “Well, I’ve been thinking about what Father Mason was talking about today, with the gays and lesbians, and it just doesn’t make any sense to me. I mean God created all creatures, and if he hates gays so much, why did he create them?” “God created them to show as an example to the rest of us of what happens when we make the wrong choices in life. In this case, he is showing us the consequences of choosing to be gay.” “But who are we to say that being gay is a bad thing? Or even a choice at all. I mean I honestly don’t agree with that. If God created us all to be equals, right? Then what gives us the right to put hatred upon those that are different from us?” “Jenn, you heard Father Mason this morning. The homo….” “Sexuals are ruining this world. I was there. I do remember, but just because Father Mason said it, doesn’t mean that we all have to believe it Peter. If we were expected to believe that everything that Father Mason says is always true, then it would be a cult, not religion.” “Jenn, why are you taking their side with this?” “Because, I believe God loves all his creations, no matter how they were born.” The rest of the trip was silent until we reached Jennifer’s house. Jennifer looked over at me with her big beautiful blue eyes, with her luscious red hair around her shoulders, before she unlocked the door. “Hey Peter?” “Yeah Jenn?” “Even though we don’t always agree on things, I’m still really happy to have you as a friend, and I hope it stays like this between us forever.” Jennifer said then smiled and shut the car door. I pulled out of her driveway and began to drive out of her neighborhood. I could feel my cheeks getting red, and my eyes began to water. I pulled into my driveway when it finally hit me, the girl that I had been in love with for six years, didn’t want anything more than a friendship with me. She would never love me the way that I loved her.

“Petey! Petey! Wake up! Come see what’s going on! Petey!” Rubbing my eyes, I saw my six year-old sister sitting on my chest tugging at my shirt. “Petey! Come on!!!” I followed her out on to the porch. She pointed in the direction of the gay couple that lives a few houses down the road. I looked and saw pink triangles nailed to three crosses, burning on the couple’s front lawn. Everyone in the neighborhood was watching as these crosses burned. Before I realized it, I was walking to the flames with buckets of water. After I had put out the flames, Steve and Larry ran out and hugged me. “Thank you! Thank you so much! You saved my tulips!” Larry yelled. “Come in son, come in. we must thank you properly. Larry just made his famous banana nut muffins.” Steve then said. The light suddenly came back to Larry’s eyes, and he dragged me into the house. I looked around their living room. It didn’t look much different from the one my parents decorated. The walls were an earthy brown, and the furniture was a beige-ish color. There were black and white photographs hung on all the walls and a fish tank in the corner with twenty or thirty brightly colored fish. “Thank you so much again Peter, it was Peter right?” Steve asked. “Uh, yeah, and no problem, no one else was really helping. It was the least I could do.” “We really appreciate it Peter. We haven’t had the nicest of welcoming committees when we moved to Watertown. This community isn’t as accepting as we thought it would be.” Larry said. I noticed that Steve had been playing with something on a chain around his neck for the past couple of minutes. I couldn’t quite tell what it was, other than some type of shiny metal. “So,” I said, “I wasn’t expecting your house to look like this.” “What were you expecting, rainbow wallpaper and pictures of naked men everywhere?” Steve laughed. “Uh, I don’t know…” I responded. “Steve, hunny you’re making the poor boy nervous. Why don’t you go grab some of those famous muffins for us?” As Steve got up, I noticed the cross hanging off his chain. His cross was almost completely identical to the one hanging on my chain. My grandmother’s cross to be exact.

“Why would you put out the flaming triangles we set up Peter?! What in the world possessed you to do such a thing?! Do YOU want to go to Hell?!” Father Mason yelled as I walked into St. Joseph’s. “What is wrong with you Peter?!” “I did what I had to Father, and I had to do the right thing. Not everyone believes everything that you preach Father. I mean, I had a talk with Jennifer about all…” “Jennifer is the one that doesn’t believe me? I am a messenger of God, reading God’s messages in the form of the Bible. If she doesn’t believe me, then she doesn’t believe in the Bible, therefore, she must not truly believe in God,” He bowed his head down in disappointment, and had risen with an evil grin smeared across his face, “and for that, the demon inside of her must be punished. Please excuse me Peter; I now have an engagement to fulfill.” And he had begun to walk away. The tone of his voice had sent chills across my back, sent my jaw to the ground, and widened my eyes in fear. I whispered, “Father, you aren’t going to hurt Jennifer, are you?” “Whatever it takes Peter,” turning back towards me, “Whatever it takes to kill the demon within her soul.” He smirked, and went along on his way, as I fell to my knees. Quivering as I took out my IPhone, and opened a new text, “Jenn… get to my house NOW! Wait in my room till I get there. Plz dnt ask questions. Plz just do this 4 me.” “Uh… kay weirdo. I’ll see you when you get there I guess. But I want and explanation when you do.” I ran to my car once I knew Jennifer would be at my house when I got home. Now I just had to rush to her side, and protect her. The night was as dark as the hole where the devil’s heart was resides. I sped into my driveway, and spotted Jennifer in my bedroom window. I ran to save her, and her soul. “Jenn,” I huffed as I entered my room, “We must leave, come on and I will explain everything to you in the car.” Jennifer cocked her head to the side and had a look of confusion carefully places upon her face, but she followed me anyways. Once in the car, “Peter, tell me now, what is going on?” “Jenn, you are in danger, and a lot of it. I was talking to Father Mason this afternoon, and now he is after you and is going to ‘punish the demon within your soul.’” “What are you talking about Peter? What demon?” “Father Mason thinks you have a demon…” “PETER! Watch out!” Jennifer shouted as a dark figure appeared in the path of my car. I swerved off the road. The last thing I remember before blacking out was looking at Jennifer to make sure she hadn’t been hurt after we had crashed into the Great Oak Tree.

I opened my eyes to nothing but darkness. I tried to move, but then realized that my wrists and ankles had been bound with duct tape, and Jennifer was lying, lifeless, on the floor next to me. The tears began to seep through my eye lids, and down my cheeks. “Ah, Peter, how nice of you to join us for round two.” Father Mason chuckled as her walked into the room. Now that there was light, I could see that this was the basement of St. Joseph’s. “Round two? What the hell is round two?” “Round two of Ms. Jennifer’s exorcism my dear son, and then we shall begin with yours. The both of you have been quite un-loyal towards your God, and now it is time to pay the price for such disobedience. Nicholas, grab the girl, it is time that we banish this demon from the earth.” “Yes my father.” Nicholas replied as he grabbed Jennifer by her limp wrists, and threw her over his shoulder. “Be careful with her you moron!” I screeched. “Oh, just shut up you demon child.” Nicholas snapped back at me. In his eyes, all I could see was deep, dark, cold hatred and evil. Nicholas laid Jennifer’s sagging body in the middle of the room. Father Mason placed a fabric, drawstring bag over her head, and dumped a bucket of water on top of her to wake her up. “Ahhh! Where am i? Father Mason? Peter? Where am i?” “Shhhhh, my dear Jennifer, we are all here to help you diminish the demon that has taken hold of your body.” “Peter! Help me! Please Peter!” Jennifer screamed before Father Mason kicked her on the side. “Demon! Leave the body of this poor child!” he kicked her in the side again, and again. He dumped more water on her, and kicked her again. I realized that this was my opportunity to free myself. I remembered that licking duct tape made it un-stick, so I began doing so. Once I got my wrists freed, I ripped the tape off my ankles, and quietly stood up. I knew that I could not leave Jennifer down here, alone. Nicholas was facing a wall, and had his back to me. I stealthy crept up behind him, and pushed his square head, as hard as I possibly could, into the brick wall he was staring at. He went down without a sound. Now I just had to get Father Mason away from Jennifer. I quietly pat my pockets, and felt my pepper spray key-chain. “Hey Father Mason,” I yelled, and waited for him to face me. “Taste some of your own medicine!” I screamed before I emptied the bottle into his eyes. He screeched in pain and fell to the floor. I carefully took the bag off of Jennifer’s head, picked her up, and brought her up to the organist stand in the church. She was soaked from head to toe, bloody, and shaking. I held her close to me and told her, “It will all be okay Jenn, believe me, I’ll protect you with all my might.” I stroked her hair with one hand, and held her hand with the other. “Jenn, I love you, and I cannot, and will not lose you.” “Peter, we need to get out of here, before Father Mason comes up here.” Jennifer slowly said. “We need to get you to a hospital Jenn, come on I’ll carry you.” “No Peter, I’ll walk. I’m not giving up that easy.” We began to walk to the door of the church, when we heard a gunshot that had sent us both to the floor. I looked behind us and saw Father Mason standing in the doorway of the stairs to the basement, holding a pistol, and pointing it up in the air. I got myself onto my feet, and pulled Jennifer up, and started running to the doors. I look over my shoulder and continue running. “He's coming after us Jennifer, he's coming for us! Keep running!” I yell to my left. I look and there is no one there. Stopping in my tracks, I look to find Jennifer. I can't see her anywhere. Instead I see two evil, sinning, disgusting, beastly eyes staring back at me. I have no time to find Jennifer, I must save myself. “God will protect her. God will protect her.” I keep thinking to myself. Clutching my grandmother's cross in a clenched fist, I run as fast and as hard as I can, away from the animal gazing at me. I wonder how I have gotten myself in to this horrible situation. The doors finally come into my vision, and I push myself even harder. The doors become a finger’s tip away, and then I am able to feel the cold metal against the skin on my hand. I try to push the door open, but it won’t budge. I try again, but it still will not move. “You didn’t honestly think I would leave the doors unlocked now did you? Silly little boy, I am much smarter than that.” Father Mason came out of the shadows and snickered. “Let us go Mason, we have done nothing wrong.” “You have done nothing wrong? Both of you have been harboring demons inside of yourselves for years, and now you must be punished for such, and that punishment is death.” “Go ahead and kill me then Mason. I won’t live the rest of my life without Jennifer. So go ahead, and do it. Then I’ll be the one laughing from above, watching your ass be thrown into a jail cell for the rest of your life.” “Ha. As if little boy,” Father Mason had begun to walk closer to me, “I am a man of many words, and few would even consider pinning this disastrous crime on me.” He continued to walk closer and closer, until he was no more than three arms lengths away. “I hope you are ready to say good bye, because your time is up. Ready… I banish this demon from this…!” Father Mason had continued to walk forward and had neglected to notice the Bible lying in the ground on front of him. He stepped, slipped, and bashed his temple into the corner of a hard church bench. Watching the red liquid pool around his neck, and staining his shirt, I was able to finally breathe.

My throat goes dry as she opens her eyes. In her eyes, I can see how vulnerable she is at this moment. “Peter,” she whispered, “You never did tell me what happened, and where’s Father Mason?” “That doesn’t matter Jenn, the only thing that does matter, is getting you better, and out of this hospital, so I can finally go on a date with the girl of my wildest dreams.” “You’re so corny Peter, but I love you anyways.” Jennifer slowly took my hand, and gently pulled me up onto her hospital bed with her. I wrapped my arm around her shoulder, and she laid her head on my chest. I took my free hand and reached into my pocket, and pulled out something special, just for the girl I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. I carefully put the silver chain around her neck, and slipped it shut. Jennifer was the only girl that I would want to have this, and she is the only girl that I will ever want to spend my life with. “Peter,” Jennifer quietly said, “You’re giving me your grandmother’s cross?”

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