Raven in the Night

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just a poem i posted on a poetry site that i thought I'd put on here

Submitted: March 25, 2013

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Submitted: March 25, 2013



The flap of wings..
smoothness of feathers
though all I see are deep red eyes through the darkness
I hear the loud call
yet it is such a beautiful sound
her feathers shine in the light of the moon
she lands on my window
to call out at me, though I am already awake
I have been waiting
waiting for her to come
my raven
her silk black feathers
and piercing eyes
beauty describes this creature
who only I see at night
her name I know not though I see her when I close my eyes
she calls at me
I think to myself and let her in
i speak calmly to her I tell her my secrets
and then the light of the sun comes 
I look out the window
and then to my hand where she would rest
and she is gone..
leaving a puff of grey smoke
and a silky black feather

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