The Fox and the Wolf

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A love story between two girls, one a wolf the other a fox. A girl named Thorn soon learns of a new girl at her school the beautiful Alice and later falls in love after seeing her transform. But will Thorn lean that she can not run with the Foxes and still hunt with the Wolves? and even then will these two learn to live in this closed minded world together?

Submitted: March 28, 2013

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Submitted: March 28, 2013



“Don’t go near her!” Thorn’s head turned as she heard the boy behind her whisper to another girl her pale blue eyes turned to ice like as she glared at the boy, then chuckled when he jumped and backed away a bit then sat down to eat his lunch. Her ears twitched as she heard the others at his table talking to the girl, “She’s weird! She always drawing pictures of creepy things... She hardly talks.. Look at her hair! She doesn’t dye it! Thats not normal, its white!” Thorn gripped the book in her hands tightly and prayed to the moon to have some peace and quiet just for once she wished they wouldn’t tease her...Even in the pack the pups would make fun of her strange ways...Her father often scolded her for going off on her own late at night when everyone was at out hunting. But Thorn had good reason for this..or so she thought it was a good reason. A little female fox. She knew not her name but memorized the female’s sent and her eyes her beautiful green eyes and the thick red coat that covered her body with white tips on her ears and a splash of white on her tail. Thorn licked her lips remembering the way the fox girl had looked at her and she had looked right back. Wolves are not to be with foxes she knew this. It was worse than being with a dog, but she couldn’t help but feel drawn to her. She leaned forward trying to go back to reading her shoulder length choppy silver/white hair fell in her eyes and she quickly brushed it back. her long sleeved black shirt with white stripes on the sleeves showed her body off well she looked rathor nice for 16 soon to be 17 with her fair skin and ice like eyes. Her black pants loose but still one was able to tell she had long legs her boots clicked on the floor of the school hallway as she walked and the other students whispered around her and stared. All but one...The new girl..She had long dark red hair and green eyes..This was the girl from lunch, the one the boy had been talking to. Thorn stopped in her tracks she could smell the girl from 3 feet where she stood “the fox..” she whispered to herself and the girl turned and flashed her a sweet smile Thorn thought she felt her heart stop and her face heat as she looked down away from her. The other kids fell silent in shock they had never seen her this way the red headed girl stepped closer and Thorn looked up to see the girl dressed in a nice dark grey shirt and tight blue jeans a black pentagram necklace around her neck that hung just near the girls breasts Thorn again felt her face heat. “Hey,” She spoke her voice oh god it was beautiful! It had a deep Scottish accent and she loved it. “You’re Thorn right?”She nodded she thought her face must be scarlet for she heard a few preppy girls snicker, she tried to shoot them a look but it failed she must have looked to red. “ Im Alice” Thorn looked up to meet Alice’s beautiful green eyes. Did she know? It can’t be. Can it? Why is this happening?!

Alice smiled to her and leaned in to whisper in Thorn’s ear and the words she spoke made her thoughts surtin. Thorn backed away turning to grab her bag from her locker and sprinted out of the school into the woods behind it. How could I act this way!? I am a wolf how could I act so foolish..and for a girl?

Thorn’s father had made it clear when she had first shown signs of being atracted to females that he disliked it to a great extent so no matter what she had tried to hide it. But still she couldn’t help but feel drawn to them like she should be to males her face heated once more and she was unsure if it was the cool breeze on her face that made it do so as she ran or the thought of Alice. Alice what a beautiful name..Thorn ran so fast it felt to her like she could have been flying. She loved the way it felt and soon it would be the full moon two more days and she would howl for the sweet little fox girl Alice not that she couldn’t now she could shift anytime she wished but it felt much better on the night when the moon was full to howl and sing under the stars. When she reached home her father’s truck was gone as was her mother’s car she breathed a sigh of releaf her face still flushed as she opened the door to the house and stepped in she climbed the the stars to her room down the hall her boots stomping on the wooden floors. “My sweet fox..” She said aloud and closed her eyes to picture herself shifting under the moon along side her would be Alice both of them changing in the night and they would run free away from the pack.

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