I Want You (In My Bed)

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I want you in my bed.

Submitted: February 02, 2011

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Submitted: February 02, 2011



I Want You

I sit upright, I wait on you

You slide your hands around and make me shiver

It tickles.

I hide the points beneath my clothes

I turn from you so you don't see

You turn me on.

I blush as red as bloody hearts

I snag my breath on all your fingers

My thoughts are veiled so thinly

But you don't see

I want you

Yes, so simple

And if I told you, then I might not want as much

I want you

I want you with me

And when I say I want to leave I really don't

It gets me high

You rest your eyes on me

I want you

So pop my cherry

Finger my feel

Slide my wet

And double the deal

I tire of waiting for a solid alone

Public's okay, I'm thrilled to my bone

So kiss me rougher

Touch the wall

I want you in the bathroom

I want you in the hall

Touch me, brush me

Tell me I've been bad

I don't care what I've been like

You are driving me mad

I want you in the hallway

And I want you in my bed

I want you in the dining room

I want you hot and red

I want you up against the lockers

I want you pumping me right through

I want you pushing to my edges

Want you edging on until


I want you to make it tougher

Always make it rougher

Be forceful, be harsh

Rope and duct tape up my arse

I want you, I want you

I'm your goddess, you're my slave

But I want you, boy, to push me

Till it seems the other way

Make it fast, make me come

I'm already screaming your name

Make it hard, it's too soft

Tell me that I'm all to blame

Who gives a fuck about regrets

I only give a fuck

About how much I want you

And it's you I want to fuck

I want you

Inside me

to ram and ram and ram

To shove as fast repeatedly

can I take it? Yes, I can

I want you to take me

Make me feel powerless

Put me at your mercy

Put me to the test

I want you

I'll come for you

I'll come so hard it burns

I'll moan and scream and yell your name

I want you so much it hurts

The nerve beats

My heart sweats

It's all right here for you

So take me, push me, make me





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