city of light, city of dark

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic
just a small poem i thought up. hope people enjoy it and find it interesting!

Submitted: March 14, 2020

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Submitted: March 14, 2020



City of Light, City of Dark


The City of Light gleams bright,

Pulsing with energy, happiness, and unity.

People walk its streets of kindness,

Helping others regardless of race or religion.


Then comes the Darkness

Leaking in through small cracks in the happiness,

Whispering doubts, fear, and lies.

Spreading deceit, wrapping around the insecure,

And taking over.


The Darkness is spreading,

Taking more and more people every day.

The City of Light fights it,

But more cracks appear each day,

And the City of Light starts to become the City of Dark.


People become mean, discriminating others now.

Others become sad, not knowing what to do.

Some become scared and try to hide.

The unity people once felt starts to dissolve.


But hope is not lost yet.


For there are people, defenders of the Light,

Who find the good where others cannot.

They hold the City of Light together,

Through kindness, bravery, and truth.


Day by day, they fight the darkness,

Making it weaker, while they become stronger.

The darkness starts to leave some people,

As they realize that things can get better.


The darkness keeps weakening, until it is nearly gone.

The City of Light brightens once again,

Kindness and unity form a stronger bond than before,

And people are happy once again.


But the Darkness is never truly gone.

It waits, biding its time until a new crack appears.

And it fills that crack, eager to destroy,

What kindness and happiness have built.


The cycle continues, over and over again,

It has never ended, and never will.

But one thing to be sure about,

Is that every time the Darkness shows itself,

The Light will be there to defend.

© Copyright 2020 CrispinOfAvi. All rights reserved.

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