This story is 100% true. I am not writing to become famous or rich. My main goal is to tell my story in hopes that people can learn lessons from my mistakes. Lessons that I myself have managed to learn the hardest way possible. All of the names of the people and places have been changed. Including my own.

Table of Contents

The Things He Shattered

The Beginning of Now

Completely unaware of the horrible repercussions her actions will have, Karina asks for permission to go out on the balcony, in a very feeble attempt to avoid an uncomfortable situation. The
evening had taken a very bad turn. She is told she can go. Moments later the young man joins her outside. She is confused and asks why he gave her permission to go out, if he was only going to
follow her.

In seconds she will find out exactly why she was allowed to out on the balcony located 7 floors above the ground.

*It has been pointed out to me that the following story is not very ‘realistic.’ I find this unfortunate because this story is 100% true. It is not ‘based’ on a true story. It is a true story.* All
the names of people and places have been changed. Including my own.
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