time will pass on

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an older poem i dug up

Submitted: July 16, 2012

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Submitted: July 16, 2012



As I think this thing through

I quietly sit

One day I knew

If I wanted to feel it

In a way that expresses my own

Thoughts or dreams

Tired, every day I roam

Into the nothing, it seems

But maybe it’s my decision

To follow my heart

Only to have precision

To rip it to shreds or apart

Regardless I stand

For my inner being

With might, not brand

I reach without seeing

Kno the doubt

Before believing

The pain is an unbearable route

Before you judge

Make no one feel hurt

It’s not your right to bare

It’s up to the 1 to invert

To begin

From the end

It’s within

Myself to rend

Scratch a new surface for healing

Have a way

To hear the endearing

Face that will stay

When all stands still

Just understand

Never till

We forgive, lend others a helping hand

What really does matter?

Just try to show

A plea that does not shatter

Awaken the heart once more

Without a tear that won’t shed

To bring forth a floor

For dancing among crowds that bled

A solid giving soul

Takes my hand

As I disappear slow

From this existence of fallen land

Given the strength to know

I can carry on with this exchange

Gather a clear point and focal on a view

Of blowing winds that arrange

Known true

I’ve seen my path to take

Never any clearer than today

For this shall stake

A claim in my heart that does convey

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