I Love You By Crono885

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none of my romance poems are based on real events. it's just stuff i make up off the top of my head. maybe i think this is what love is? i don't know. maybe I'll experience it myself one day. but anyway, when i say none of the romance poems i mean none of them, including this one. if i ever write one based on my self I'll let you guys know.

Submitted: February 20, 2011

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Submitted: February 20, 2011



Just as the moon begins to rise,
I turn to you, And tell you how I feel,
With a tear in your eye you break free from my grip,
And in a flash you turn away, and run.

At first i was hurt by you reaction,
But then i realize, This was hours ago,
I look out side to see it was raining,
And it reminded me of the tears I saw on her face.

I race outside, I need to find her,
To make sure she got home o.k,
To find out if shes out in the rain,
I called her house but there's no answer.

I looked all over the city,
Checking every place you might be,
Until I find you at the place we first met,
Siting on the stares that leads to the park.

I walk up to you, making noise so you'll know I'm here,
I stand, And you sit, Right there in the rain,
The only thing I could think to say was "I'm sorry"
For i didn't mean to confuse, Or hurt you in any way.

As I was about to leave, You turn and jump into my arms,
Still so surprised, You press your lips against mine,
We stand there, In the rain, Arms wrapped around each other,
You take your lips away from mine and say... "I Love You Too".

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