Sky High Edited

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

Rose is a normal high school girl with normal problems. She has a father who abandoned her, a mother who abuses her, an all-around broken family. Unable to live with her mother any longer and having nowhere else to go, Rose is forced to move in with her father. She goes to a new school, meets new friends, and it is there she meets Victor. After meeting him and discovering his secret, Roses world is flipped upside down. But is it for better or for worse? I'll let you decide.

Table of Contents

Off To A Rocky Start

  Her twelve year old fingers danced across the keys of the piano, the rhythm of the music flowing through her as she hit each n... Read Chapter

Quick Friends

    Throughout the week there had been an awkward silence between Rose and her father. They exchanged glances every now... Read Chapter

Gathering Of The Aves

  After basketball practice Victor went to the parking lot and climbed in his car. He took a minute to relax as he began thinkin... Read Chapter

An Embarrassing Encounter

  School the next day passed by slowly, and Rose didn’t want it any other way. The longer the school day went, the less time s... Read Chapter

It’s Party Time

  “I can’t believe that just happened!” Victor exclaimed, feeling like a total dumb ass. “She saw me get knocked out wit... Read Chapter