Made-Up Myths of Forgotten Facts

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Sometimes adventures are forced onto an individual, but mostly that's just fiction. This is practice for syntax/meter/suchwhat. Suggestions would be helpful

Submitted: January 07, 2012

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Submitted: January 07, 2012




The scintillation of a gaudy ceiling fan, coupled with the acute pain in my abdomen, had imposed a petulant antipathy upon me.  Before delivering motive to my ensnared brain, which reeled with anodyne, I stood stumblingly and retreated from regress by departing my humid homestead, remembering to grab a windbreaker as I fled.

The cyclone outside was deafening, stiffening, and buffeted me with endless chills; I zipped up the water-proofed jacket in a rush.  The view was breathtaking.

I inhabit the only home on Shia LeBluffs, a cliff-enriched zone to the north of Shiverton.  Upon mesas of red Martian dust is a chain of telephone poles connecting me to the rest of my specie, whom live below.  The plateau upon which my Naryshkin Barogue manse presides I have deemed the Flats of Shrieka; the neighbors are kind folk, varying genera of desert shrubs and several less-accommodating cacti.

As I struggled with the elements like Atlas with his burden, a startling discovery awaited my comprehension.  Living on the Flats of Shrieka for long enough to know the way down (the only way was an arced bridge that descended into lush forests of torrential rains), I had undeniably traversed in the correct direction.  But what, through the thrown-up dust, I could see was that the bridge had been severed and the Flats of Shrieka were now levitating in place above the Lower Shia LeBluffs under-land.  I was taken aback, as any in my place would, and recited eruditely the nature of the physical world and that such an occurrence as I had empirically witnessed could not be of the physical world.  My thoughts became more survival-prone as the Flats began to spin in place autonomously, as if a disc midflight held by undetectable string.  

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