Deadly Oasis (chimeiteki oashisu)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Other  |  House: Booksie Classic
The year is 2017 for all humanity, and the unthinkable has finally happened. WWIII had been triggered with no warning signs, and the aftermath to follow was no pick nick for the few survivors. Gavane a newly accepted military cadet is caught up in a struggle for his very own life. Cut off from his family, and the outside world he is left with nothing.

Submitted: April 03, 2012

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Submitted: April 03, 2012



Main Character:

Gavane Oviess

Side Story:

A viral disease known as "Trival" was released during the confusion from an opposing nation infecting millions. The end result after death was negative reanimation of the corps. In short the people who were infected would later become mindless zombies referred to as "Faye".

Gavanes Back story:

The weather outside smelt of ash, and the sky darkened with no warning. Gavane a newly admitted student at the "National Defense Academy of Japan" paused in amusement. Dropping his text books gavane could not have imagined such an horrific site right before his own eyes. Thinking only of his safety gavane fled to the science labs which were located deep within the academies reinforced barriers.

While running for his very own life he started to have flash backs. Months ago right after graduation he had caught wind of the local news and hearing about small uprisings in a neighboring nation. A biochemical program was being forced to shut down it seems, and the uprising had gotten out of hand. The communist party had finally lost control of there nation and had fallen to an anti terrorist movement known as "Rashida Liberation".

But the movement did not last,and because of the unbalance of power no one was safe. Anarchy had befallen this once strong nation and panic started to stir in its citizens. First the capital was destroyed, then communication with the outside world was terminated, and finally military structures were raided. Among the military structures a science lab was discovered, and the viral disease known as "Trival" was released among the population spreading.

Eventually relief efforts were being attempted by local nations to assist the wounded. But were horrified to discover that the survivors were that of corpses mindlessly attacking one another and what ever came in contact with them. Relief efforts were canceled once word leaked out on the atrocities which had befallen that nation. But they could not act fast enough and the trival spread from one individual to another at an alarming rate.

Soon there was an all out war declared by each nation. Eventually having there borders forced closed, alliances suspended, and nuclear threat level being raised. But it was to late and armageddon had started, and WWII became unavoidable.

Month's later the story starts with gavane being drafted into the military right after graduating from high school. But was accepted to the "National Defense Academy of Japan" and was able to avoid the draft. Gavane was bright enough to understand the situation taken place, and had decided to play it safe. Gavane was never very good at taking risks, but depending on this outcome change may be unavoidable.

After reaching the science lab he had noticed infected corpses attacking students and teachers alike without any warning. It was a bloody massacre, and he was in the middle of it all with no way out. Or so it seemed till gavane started to crack under this chaotic pressure. Knocking a security guard down and steeling what ever weapons or blunt objects in site. Gavane bolted for the lab with a gun in one hand and a baton in the other.

With the lab seeming farther away gavane started to loose hope. Loud screams were coming from the room ahead of him, and a small blood trail lye at his feet. Takes a deep breath and rams into the next room with his gun ready to fire. "Bang, bang, bang bang bang"

Half of the clip in his gun was already out, and had fired for nothing. He turned around to lock the door so he would not be followed, but as he was locking the door it had pushed back. All gavane could say out loud was "don't look up, theirs nothing there, just look up, up, up".


The adrenalin rush had finally taken over gavane to the point were his face was red and his trigger finger was jumpy. The door behind him shook again after being locked but this time there were a few faye scratching on the glass. Gavane counted the number of bullets he had left and decided it wasn't worth it since they could not get in and started moving to the next room which was the lab.

While going through each room gavane had took as many supplies as he could find. Even taking random usuful items off of the faye and other corpses.

He needed to survive at any cost!

Weapons/Supplies Gavane Has:

- Security baton
- GLOCK 26 hand gun
- 1 full clip w/ 32 bullets (glock 26)
- 1 half clip w/ 16 bullets (glock 26)
- 2 handcuffs
- Emergency Fire Axe
- Back pack
- Assorted first aid kit
- Food from the broken vender machine
- Cell phone

Gavanes Goal:

- Collect more ammo and weapons
- Raid the local food and gun store
- Steel an RV or vechile to hold up in while on the road
- Secure enough fossil fuel to get by
- Look for survivors and form a group
- Finding a cure or solution for the faye

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