No Where To Run

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You can't run from yourself. But what if, the very self you believed you were, is an illusion?

Submitted: April 12, 2008

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Submitted: April 12, 2008



Nowhere to Run

Running, always running
Going nowhere, never stopping

The trail is endless
The scenery changes

The fear remains

Running is dieing hope

Despair is running
To the last place in your heart
Realizing the inevitable
Death of all illusions
Is Yourself

The veil is drawn back

Unmasking your self deception

You are nothing

Your ego and self importance

Beneath a blistering desert sun

Writhing like a dying lizard


Your final arid breath

It’s only then you realize

There is nowhere left to run

It is time to stop running
Turn and face the abyss
Look into the eyes of yourself
Realizing finally
The illusion is just that
An illusion
You are not what you believed
You never were and never will be

The slate is clean
You can become
What you were meant to be
Your own truth

It lies deep inside
Waiting to be born
A Monarch
With orange black velvet wings
Perched atop the flower of life
Burning with the fire of love
Taking that love to each flower
Changing the world forever

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