Survival Of The Warrior

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Poem about survival that I read at my fathers funeral.

Submitted: April 01, 2008

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Submitted: April 01, 2008



Survival of the Warrior

The T.V. blares loudly
A man, aged, sits
Watching, listening
Sound, movement, color, flashing lights
The television takes him away
Away from the pain and suffering
Memories of a time long ago

I look into his old eyes
I see a young man
A battlefield
Trees, snow, mud
Bastogne in winter
Artillery fire, bullets whistle by
Young bodies lying frozen in the snow
Body’s only moments before, alive, warm, breathing

I see this young man, wide eyed
Body strong and tight
Mind alert and ready
Knowing only one thing
That he must fight
He must fight or die
Riffle in hand, army fatigues, heavy pack
Infantry boots, ammunition
Trained to fight
Not knowing for sure why
Only knowing how
Fear coursing through his veins
Moving forward to his destiny
Running through forest and snow
Frozen feet
A soldier beside him drops
Blood gushing from the hole left by the bullet
Mutilated, terrified, like countless others, he dies

Yet this one young man continues on
Wounded, he survives
Prison camp, starvation, hunger
Most of all he survives the disillusionment and anger
That men can destroy each other like this
He survives it all
He returns, marries, starts a family
Out of the destruction of his past
He builds a life into his future

I look at this, now aged man
T.V. jumping from one place to the next
Hands wrinkled, hair gray
Body weakened, eyes weary
Yet I see strength in this man
He has survived
But most of all his principals have survived
Family, work, freedom
What I admire most is
Out of his pain, fear and anger
His heart has survived
I see my father
His passion and love still intact
Where most men would have become bitter and angry
He was able to build from the destruction of war
Build from the destruction of his life

I am proud to be his son
Comforted to know there is still hope
We talk
I wanted to tell him
I see his pain; I want to take it away
But all I can do is cry
I look into his eyes
He says, “ I know what you’re going to say”
“It’s ok I’ll be alright, you have a good heart”
I hold him in my arms, my tears fall
I wanted so much to take away his pain
All I can do is cry
Once again I look into his eyes, I want to tell him
But again he says
“I know what you are trying to say, you don’t need to say it”
“ I got through it, I don’t know why, but here I am”
“ Maybe I’m still supposed to take care of you
“ You’ll be alright”
I look into those eyes
His face still young and bright
He looks at me, he smiles
I feel his warmth and love
All I can say to him is
“I Love You”

Copyright 1995 Crow Feather
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