Think with your mind - Know with your heart

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Poem about lost love and hope

Submitted: April 03, 2008

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Submitted: April 03, 2008



Think With Your Mind – Know With Your Heart

There is a void where you once stood
Then through the mist
I see you
A beautiful swan

Fire in your eyes
Burn through my heart
Igniting my passion
Like wild flowers in spring
Bursting with life beauty and joy

Your voice sings in my heart
Voices of light
Your laughter
Eyes sparkle like diamonds
Your tears
Like waves of sadness flowing from your heart
An ocean pounding against rocks
I feel each wave as it beats upon my breast
I know you
Feel you
Hear you
See you
Although you are far away
A tiny illuminating star In an endless night sky
You are as near as my own breath

I remember your eyes
Penetrating my body with their love
I remember how I felt
Your precious heart in my hands
I tried to guard it
Protect it
With all the strength I could find
I tried to hold on
In the end I let go
It was the only way
I know you will grow and learn
I hope you will find your heart

Three months have passed
I have not seen your radiant face
Nor heard your sweet voice
Only three months
Only an eternity
What is time without you in my arms?
I am waiting
I will wait
I know you will come
My heart speaks of your arrival
I must believe in the power of my heart
This power within my body
Sometimes weak as a child
Sometimes strong as a Bear

I have met other women
Who radiate beauty and grace
Yet there is no comparison
You are the woman I love
A swan gliding upon a clear blue lake
A black panther stalking the deep green jungle
A hawk soaring high above rich white clouds
There are no words left
I want to cry but I can’t
There are no tears left
I feel numb

With your mind
You think
With your heart
You know

You think
You hate me
You know
You love me

Stop your judging mind
Listen to your sweet pure heart
I know its there
It spoke to me once before
The words still reverberate
An echo against the walls of my heart
“I love you”

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