Walk As One

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Poem about the hope for love

Submitted: March 27, 2008

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Submitted: March 27, 2008



Walk As One

There is a cold vacancy in my heart where you should be
My heart sits dormant
Waiting for you to fill that wounded place
Where once love thrived
You can bring back life
You are the seed
My heart is the soil
Together we can give it water and tend to the weeds
We will watch it grow into all of its beauty and grandeur

I need you in my life
My heart grows colder every day your not here

Without your smile to guide me
My world is dark and confusing

Without your laughter to lift my spirits
My world has no joy

Without your passion to ignite my heart
My world has no meaning

The days are long; the nights an eternity
Alone, I lay in my bed; dreaming of you
I feel your soft touch
Hear your sweet voice
Inhale your warm aroma

But then
I only feel more alone

You are beauty, passion and love, but I can see even more
I see your spirit as it lights up the world around you
You draw me in and slowly, I become helpless to your spell
I don’t care; I won’t fight it
I will come willingly and without reservation
I will give you my soul if you ask it
I know you wont because you are a white angel
Easing the depths of my pain
Patiently you cleanse the blackness that has inhabited my soul for too many years

You bring peace and love into my life
I see you standing on the path waiting for me
Light surrounds you
The trees bend to give you shade
The birds sing of your presence
You smile as I approach
I look into your soulful eyes
I feel your love in my heart
Your small delicate hand takes mine
Together we walk the path as one
Together we face our demons
Together we conquer all that we face
Together we hold the power of love
Together we are invincible

For now
I wait and hope for that day
I will wait for you, as I know you would for me
I will be here
When the time is right
Like the rivers to the ocean
God will bring us together
The journey is long and treacherous
With your love in my heart
I know I can endure

For now I walk alone
One day we will walk together
Then we will walk as one

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