Reid Is just a normal boy until he meets Tone who will end up changing his life.

Tone: Chapter 2

As I was thinking who she was, Tone raised her blade into the air and slashed the sky. Blood came out of nowhere as if she cut something. I couldn’t move at all, my body was filled with fear. Tone blade disappeared and then she turned to me and started to walk toward me. She reach out her hand and said “need some help” with a smile. I couldn’t believe it the girl I just saw cut something up was so kind, not only that but her smile made me feel so much better. After she helped me up I asked her what was that all about. Her response was that it was her job to kill the demons of people in this world. When she told me that I believe her since I just saw blood come out of the sky. Tone then asked me to keep this a secret or else she would have to kill me, of course I agreed to her request.


In the following weeks Tone and I started to hang out more and more. The more we hung out the more I found out about her and her secret job. She explained to me that she was not a human rather something else, her job was to kill the demons that humans created with their hate and pain. After a while I started to notice that I was falling in love with her……

Submitted: July 04, 2009

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you would fall in love with her i bet

Fri, July 10th, 2009 12:00am

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