The Jewel from The End of The World

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

The explorer, investigator and adventurer, Roger 'Silky' Cotton stumbles upon the most extraordinary case of his career. A death cult is plotting to bring an ancient prophecy to life: a prophecy of doom for all mankind. Even Silky has never faced anything like this before. The very fate of life on earth depends on Silky stopping the evil men from claiming The Jewel at the End of the World.

Table of Contents

A Peculiar Position.

The Times of London 1933, 30th JANUARY.   WANTED- Professional adventurer required to accompany elde... Read Chapter

A dangerous proposal

“Mrs Baston-Sharp  will see you now, Mr Cotton” Her secretary showed Silky into her Ritz Hotel suite where she lay in the bed. S... Read Chapter

The Mysterious Lady

Authors note-
This chapter contains some words and attitudes that may be offensive to some readers. The pub name and the adverts quoted are there to illustrate the different attitudes of the period. And do not reflect the attitudes of the author so please don't be offended. Read Chapter

The Party

FILM LOVERS WORLD 1ST February 1933 Beverly Oxenbow- What this girl doesn’t know about glamourous lives of the stars isn... Read Chapter

The Jewel and the Jester

Silky stared, mesmerized. He was lost in the glints of the scarlet stone. Could this really be the stone he had promised to fin... Read Chapter

The murderous minstrel

Silky stared at the clowning minstrel on stage in astonishment. As soon as Topsy said it he could see it. His eyes peeled away the ridicu... Read Chapter

The chase begins

“Silky.” He heard Topsy Drinkwater’s voice calling him and replied. “I’m out here.” She came outside to him. “Silky... Read Chapter

Cannibal Chaos

# # # # The savages whooped and screeched their war-cries as they danced in a circle around Silky and Topsy. Their faces were ... Read Chapter