City of Remedy

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A poem about decadence, and the decay, and evil about society.

Submitted: December 03, 2012

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Submitted: December 03, 2012



Putrescent flesh
Is the life of all death.
Bring the sight and I will show you blindness.
The drink is a fabled remedy.
That which you ingest is blood and gore.
That which you see is rape and mutilation.
The babies do not struggle.
They contemplate salvation from a masturbating god.
The sobs of a murdered mother come
From the petals of waste and shit.
The life of the party is the clown
With dog teeth and a rocket launcher.
Pray for the sullen in the orgy flower bed.
Run for prayer and receive my crown.
Run from the drums of the incestuous rum.
Hide (if you can) from the savage rains
The tainted discourse.
The child is the master
With a thousand eyes .
Who breathes whispers and screams both.
The city of remedy is ready and waiting.
The city is unwhole with the crusade of injections.
The rerun pompous jester with three faces.
Be my puppet or drown in wine.
Sing the song that midnight will not.
The city is alive.
The city is dead.
The city is mine and I have lost the key.
I have lost the way
Dream of the remedy.

Rest in the blackness.
Sleep in the bricks of silence.
The heart of sand explodes forever.
No remains in the chains of murder.
Putrescent flesh is my intoxication. 


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