Night Crawler

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The concept is mini horror stories like a cake with a razor blade inside of it. So Tasty But Deadly, I'll try to post more often of these stories.

Submitted: January 15, 2016

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Submitted: January 15, 2016



Tuesday 2:10 am, noise complaint; tenant 21 has been hearing strange noises from his room, saying that someone is trying to break inside. Stating that forced entry was taken, however arriving on the scene finding no signs of forced entry on the spot. Suspecting nothing of it, I leave it as another one of 21’s paranoia.

Wednesday 3:42 am, Police call; Tenant 54, called the police tonight saying something was inside his room. Stating that a man was in his room staring at him while he slept. He awoke as the person began to pull on his skin on his arm. He provoked the strange being and ran outside alerting the authorities. Upon the sight finding nothing. 

Wednesday 4:21 am, Fire alarm; tenant 24 begins his day by setting his house on fire along side with him. on the sight fire fighters extinguish the fire, as well as finding the tenant wrapped around a bed sheet saying that “The Fire Will Burn All My Sins Away.” He has tremendous burns on his face and arms. The blistering of his arms as they popped, including his face as the flames began to spread across his body covering him from head to toe with blistering skin oozing from his body. 

Thursday 2:54 am, Murder; Experiment 451; he begins to have process in retaining his humanity, he sits now in his cage and watches as the camera that sits upon the room moves back and forth watching him. He stares in wonderment wondering what maybe inside the camera, however break down upon the same day as feeding time approaches 451 grows impatient as he begins to scream. He shrieks in terror until one of the guards comes running out. Poor fool… 

Friday 1:23 am, Lost; Patient 231; todays exercise was trust, As the doctor left the patient in the woods with nothing but his bare arms and clothes on his back. The patient begins to wonder around the woods as he continuously proceeds in circles. After a week he proceeds in self cannibalism. 

Saturday 2:10 am, Paranoia; tenant 21 begins to constantly scratch himself saying “He’ll Be Back.” As his skin begins to tear away through his finger nails scraping into his muscle...


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