Deeply Blue

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A man's feelings towards his lover.

Submitted: February 18, 2015

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Submitted: February 18, 2015



She looks into my eyes, heart racing furiously.
I take Her upper lip, toying it curiously
as Her sharp scream makes my ears ring.
Her expression makes my heart sing.
I glance at my watch, knowing time is ours.
She sees my grin and as She cowers
I run my fingers through Her hair
and part Her corset, leaving Her bare.
I must pin Her small wrists down, lest
Her embarassment hides Her chest.
I laugh darkly and watch as She toils.
I admire Her before She spoils.

Her screams lengthen, as do I;
unable to find a reason why
this isn't an acceptable thing to do.
"On my mother's grave, my love is true!
My love for God, my love for Thee!
I've solid proof, can't You see?
Your love has made me like this!"
I mumble to Her as we kiss.
A sharp pain shoots through my lip
as She bites it through, I rip
my clothes away with a flourish.
I see Her face which I then nourish.

Oh, You vexing, sensual, witch!
How You make my very soul twitch!

Ah, My Dear, Your beauty is true!
Your eyes and lips so deeply blue!

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