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A newsies fanfiction narrated by Crutchie

Submitted: August 21, 2012

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Submitted: August 21, 2012



I watched as a tall, slim boy approached Jack. The boy tapped Jack on the shoulder, but he didn't turn around. I rolled my eyes. Jack was one of my best buddies, but he could be so fulla himself sometimes. The boy tapped Jack on the shoulder again.

"Hey! What's the big idea?" he said. He sounded like he mighta been from Brooklyn, but it was hard ta tell. Now Jack turned around.

"Aw, whaddya want?" he said, "Wait, you're new, ain't ya?"

"Yeah." the new kid replied. From the way he was standin, I could tell he was kinda mad at Jack for not turning around the first time 'e tapped him. I couldn't tell ya why it got him so worked up, but it did. As I said, the boy was tall and slim, but he didn't look really thin and sickly or 'nything. He had muscular arms, and I gotta hand it to him, he was a pretty good lookin' guy. I would've liked to think that if I played my cards right, I might have a chance with him, but I knew I probably wouldn't. It was weird right? You weren't s'posed to like other guys like that. But.. i dunno. It's who I am.

"'kay kid, what's your handle?" Jack asked


"Your name kid, I wants your name." Jack rolled his eyes, so far he didn't seem to be getting off to a real good start with this guy.

"Oh uh.." the kid scratched his back "well back with the Brooklyn Newsies they usta call me Zit?"

I laughed. It didn't really seem to make sense to call this guy Zit. He didn't seem to have a single one on his whole face. It made sense to call me Crutchie, and it made sense to call Specs Specs, but it certainly did not make sense to call this new guy Zit.

Jack seemed to find it pretty funny as well.

"Okay.. Everybody! This is.. Zit!"

There were a few mumbled welcomings, but it seemed e'rybody was pretty busy doin' other stuff. Zit walked towards me.

"Hello" he said, with a smile.

He had a real nice smile, now that he was up close, I could see that he had blue eyes. His hair was dark brown and he was pretty pale. He most certainly didn't have any Zits.

(that's all i've written for now.)

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