Rabbit Hole Refuge

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A poem regarding how wonderland is not always wonderful when you have no way out.

Submitted: September 08, 2016

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Submitted: September 08, 2016



How can you claim to know me when I do not know who I am?

I fear I will never find me but only the Queen of the Damned.

So I went into my mind to a place called Wonderland,

where I am no more you than you are me and smoke and mirrors make it hard to breathe.


When I get small and full of gloom I like to hopscotch on mushrooms.

This place is so funny and I simply cannot think,

what feeling do I feel so I do not sink?

The lights, the food, the music and sound,

shouldn't I be happy with all these friends around?


"This party is killer!" claimed the blue caterpillar as he huffed and puffed on smoke.

The Mad Hatter broke off into laugher and then he started to choke.

The White Hare looks nervous over there keeping an eye on the clock,

because if he is late for his important date off his head will be lopped.

The Cheshire Cat atop Hatter's hat is grinning from ear to ear.

He looks right at me and I know he can see now I am trapped here for all of my years.


"The best people are crazy!" Mad Hatter explains, excited by the fun and games.

But what fun is it to run and run,

frightened like a White Hare running from a gun?

What happens when you are too tired to play?

When you want to leave but know you must stay?


A rabbit hole refuge and a secret safe haven.

Now everything is wrong and I am gravely mistaken.

The flowers that once sang to me under the purple sky

only shriek and howl and cry and scream whenever I run by.


The Queen wants me dead, " Off with her head!!"

the cards chased me around and around!

But I escaped with a quick twist of fate into a rabbit hole in the ground.


Now the Queen is dead lying in her bed, in this nightmare I am immortal

So this is my advice,

always think twice before entering the rabbit's portal.



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