i need a doctor.

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this is a true story, based off of my memories and experiences...
I had been at my girlfriend's house while her parents were out of town and she tried to, well, rape me in a sense. Recently, I decided to rewrite my memories down.. this is how I remember that night. so.. there you go...

Submitted: April 02, 2011

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Submitted: April 02, 2011



\"Get down !\" She yelled at me in a harsh tone, sending electric shivers down my exposed, cold, bare back. I stood still, shocked and unsure. \"I said, get the fuck down !\" I shook and fell down the wall on cue, like a puppet, getting her strings cut off of the marionettes' cross. I collapsed in an ungraceful heap of myself, close to tears and wanting to scream. She came over to the corner where I sat, holding my legs against my exposed chest. She looked down at me and I stared up at her. She was fifteen, I, thirteen. She was taller, stronger, yet I was faster. Trying to escape had been a mistake, I now realize. She reached down and hit me across the face and I let out a cry of pain and shock.

\"Fucking pussy !\" She spat, leaning down into my face. I wanted to become part of the drywall behind me, but I remained myself, intact and only too aware of how human I was. \"We do things the way I want to, remember ?\" She hissed as she leaned into kiss me. Fearful of what would happen if I pulled away, I leaned in as well. I felt her moan against my mouth, sharing the raw, aggressive kiss with me. I shivered, but she hardly noticed as she worked her way down to my neck, then my collarbone. I felt her shove me onto the hardwood floor and I let out a gasp for air. I hadn't been breathing.. keep breathing...

Her lips worked over my tits, sucking on one. I closed my eyes, waiting for this to be over. God, just let this be over. Just end this. She continued, down to my underwear, which she took off.

\"Melissa... Stop !\" I said, my voice dry. I hadn't realized I was crying.

\"Shut up, bitch...\" She snarled. The tears streamed from under my eyelids as she stuck her head between my legs and started to lick me.

\"Stop...- oh, my god...\" I moaned softly, tilting my head back. \"Please don't do this... Ple- Oh...\" Her tongue flicked back and forth on me, and I cried out. Get a grip, Jordanna. I closed my eyes and tried to get my mind to focus on my situation, but things were kind of fuzzy and blurred, almost drunken as I think about it now. I felt dizzy, trying to pull it together. I closed my legs and felt myself draw back against the wall. Melissa's head popped up, furious.

\"What the fuck ?\" She said, staring at me. I cowered. \"Bitch, what the fuck ?\" She dragged her nails down my thighs and down my chest, hitting me when she had a free hand. Too afraid to do anything else, I cried, begging her to stop. Please, stop... I felt weak, and, alas, I was. \"Get your fat, ugly ass out of here !\" She threw my clothes at me. \"Get dressed and get the fuck out.\"

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