Innocence Lost

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This is a short thing that I wrote for one of my classes. I uploaded it on here because I didn't want to simply write it and then forget about it. It holds a special place as being one of my
favorites and I'd like to keep it as long as possible. Any creative commentary is acceptable. :)

  You had originally thought that once you had come into her life that nothing would ever go wrong.

You had taken her and she was so small and fragile and made her into something she was completely not, and never thought she could be.

Because of you, she is left to wonder just what exactly has happened to her. Never will she know anything but doubt.

Because of you, she has wondered why everyone has been avoiding her lately, you show up into her life and promise everything is fine. You simply shove every problem away rather than letting her face them. Never will she know bravery.

Rather than letting her form her own opinions and make her own decisions, you make them for her and because of you she will never stop feeling hopeless about every decision she is forced to make without you. Never will she know her own interests.

She begins to doubt everything in her life and you assure her it is fine.

She begins to believe she is always in the wrong; you assure her it is so so very normal. Never will she know confidence.

When she does nothing but sleep, you disturb her and force her to do things she no longer has the motivation to do. Never will she know peace of mind.

When she believes that she is the enemy in your world, you take it as an opportunity to make yourself seem like the greater person. Never will she know who you really are.

When she no longer has the bravery to cry, let alone in front of you then you take it as a sign of strength rather than a weakness. Never will she cry again.

When she is angry, you simply brush off anything you believe yourself to have done wrong and instead force her to apologize because you will not face what you have done to her. Never will she believe she is right.

When she finds someone to speak of her worries you make her shut them out. So when she feels lonely, and resorts to not speaking very much, the plague you have forced upon her mind never crosses yours. Never will she believe she is worthy of one’s company.

When you have destroyed her personality and she believes it is of her own fault, you have simply won that victory. You feel satisfaction.

When the change is met, you begin to doubt yourself, and then realize you were the bad person. You share your insecurities, so that her newly found personality is derived from reassuring you, and making you happy. She then once again for the millionth time reassures you that you are exactly what she wants, and needs, and therefore she is absolutely overjoyed from your happiness. Never will she know any happiness that is her own.

The way she treats others, and treats herself is not something anyone besides you would want. You marvel at the transformation and let her know that she is absolutely perfect in every way. Little do you know that you were wrong, and she knows that whatever has changed within her was not for the better like you say. Do not tell her that she is perfectly fine the way she is. Do not tell her that deserves to be treated how she treats others. Never will she know that everything is wrong.

She may have a large heart about her, but much hatred is trapped inside. Much of her innocence is lost because you wanted her to act exactly how you believe yourself to be. How much you have changed is masked under her now. How much pain you have went through is coexisting inside of her mind. The concern that you wish to feel from other people, the love that you have wanted for so long now comes from her. You may be scared of her now, but let her tear her heart out for you, and believe yourself to be completely right for what you’ve done. Because she will never admit it…

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