murdering the same person twice

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murder is one of the most serious offences a person is able to commit
but is there a right way to do it?

btw this is my first crime story not actually a big fan i just got the idea for this story and decided to right it.

this is a true story only the names of people and the events taking place have changed :)
but this is actually in the law read to find out what...

Submitted: November 27, 2010

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Submitted: November 27, 2010



He knew that it was highly unnecessary. Even though knew he was going to get caught. This didn’t bother him. He had always had a strong sense of right and wrong and he believed that he should go to jail for anything this severe.
To any bystander or any viewer in a movie theatre it would appear that matt was going to commit murder, the act of taking another human beings life in cold blood. And he was about to commit murder, just not in the ‘usual way’.
No, in fact matt was about to commit one of the strangest murders in history. Yet for all its peculiarity it was still going to involve the taking of another man’s life. But this wasn’t random. Matt had spent the last 4 months observing and planning this to the very last detail. He refused to be surprised. There was only going to be one outcome from this.
Matt stepped up onto the footpath outside the house of his victim, despite himself being the ex-victim, having lost his family to this man. Matt then walked up the walkway to this man’s house, stepping up onto his porch and moving to his front door. The calm eerie night air making his appearance sinister yet clear with purpose.
He stood deathly still for what seemed like an eternity, allowing the camera to his upper right field of vision capture his appearance and the half empty bottle of Wild Turkey in his right hand. Matt then raised his left hand exposing a .357 magnum revolver. He slowly aimed the gun at the lock on the door. Determination shining in his eyes. He then lifted the gun slightly, reconsidering his actions for their purposes. Was it necessary to take another man’s life? Matt abruptly turned to leave, giving the camera a final glace as he exited the porch and walked down the path and disappeared into the night.
Matt silently opened his car door and slid inside,  glimpsing his watch as he buckled his seat belt. 4:27 am. Perfect. He turned the ignition and the Lexus ES300 came to life. It was just as it was meant to be, an unremarkable car driving along a nameless street in the early hours off the morning. He took a series of turns which circle the block in which his victims house was situated, this was more of a psychological benefit making himself feel as though he were closing in upon his prey.
4:32 and there he was, the man whom had destroyed his life. Matt closed in on his prey. He could just distinguish his sweat pants and shirt when he floored the car, closing the gap in mere seconds. Just before matt claimed his victims life the man turned around with the surprised look of a deer in headlights. A look of terror which would pervade the dreams of matts sleeps for countless nights to come. He felt no pity as the car slammed into his prey which would have caused him to roll across the bonnet and into the windshield if not for the non-functioning lap post which arrested the momentum of both car and its target.
The man wasn’t killed instantly. Instead his legs were shattered, his spine severed, his ribs fragmented puncturing both heart and lungs, lacerated his brachial artery in his shoulder and cause intense internal bleeding of the brain. Although he was not to die instantly he would most certainly be dead within the minute or less due to shock. Matt however was kept reasonably safe due to his seatbelt harness and front air bags, his only injury was to be some slight bruising on his upper left shoulder front the seatbelts recoil.
Matt stepped out of the car and looked at his victims face as he died knowing that the police were approximately 3 minutes away helpless as to the outcome of the situation except obviously for his incarceration.
And so 4 minute later matt was hauled into the back of a police vehicle where he had the ‘right to remain silent’, not that he had anything he wanted to say. If he did what would he say? The plan went off without a hitch? And it had because matt didn’t want to spend his life running from the law yet knew that that man’s death was necessary.
Matt was sentenced to 12 years imprisonment, 3 if he had good behaviour, which he would. The reason behind the intricacy of his plan was that if he had just waited for his prey to come outside and he shot him, or if he broke in and shot him, then it would be classed as homicide or ‘cold-blooded murder’ and received a 25 year sentence 10 on good behaviour, however by running his victim down in his car after viewing the footage of himself being able to kill the man with a gun then leaving, as was shown in court as evidence. It was decided that matt was intoxicated and by being under the influence his murder became second class homicide or first class vehicle homicide, allowing for a softer sentence.
Matt had successfully taken another man’s life intentionally and now only had to serve roughly 3 years of imprisonment.

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