kidnapped love

kidnapped love kidnapped love

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



its a romance with some science fiction and action thrown in and a pinch of magic or two.
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its a romance with some science fiction and action thrown in and a pinch of magic or two.

Chapter1 (v.1) - kidnapped love

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its a romance with some science fiction and action thrown in and a pinch of magic or two.

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: April 17, 2013

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: April 17, 2013




Chapter 1

A few of my friends and I plus their girlfriends board the plane heading to Russia. I take my seat and Perdue sits down right beside me. I put my headphones in and start listening to lullaby by nickelback. I fall asleep as the plane takes off. When we land I stay calm till we are outside. Then I cut loose. Perdue then says.

“ Finally. I thought you’d never take that pole out of your butt.”

“ Go shove one up yours.”

“ Um hello the cabs here are expensive so do you mind if we share one?”


I instantly wrap an arm around Perdue’s neck and yank him to where the guy can't hear us. Then I say.

" Are you fricking insane I mean haven't you ever seen the movie taken?"

"Um dude that’s a whole load of holly wood bullcrap."

I sigh and just go with it. We signal for a cab and we all pile into this huge van. I can feel his eyes staring at the guys and me. I feel uncomfortable and shifted around. A lot! When we finally arrive after a few hours at Perdue’s summer home we go inside and I am just happy to be away from that creep. Then I turn around after looking around the entire living room and find Perdue laying facedown on the floor then one after another everyone drops. I hit the floor last.

Chapter 2

I wake up and look around my first thought is that I am going to kill Perdue when I bust out of here. The next one is I am not alone. There is a girl with brown hair and red eyes. I then see 2 plates of food on the floor in front of me and I neither of them has been touched. I look at the girl and see that she is amazingly still alive and I can actually see her rib cage. I pick up both plates and offer them to her. She looks frightened so I say.

“Look I know you’ve probably been told this before but I mean this. I’m not going to hurt you okay believe me I can see that they’ve been torturing you by your eyes so I wont touch you without your permission. Please eat something.”

“Thank you.”

“What’s your name?”

“Rabiya. Yours?”


I see that she is shivering so I pull off my jacket and hand it to her. She backs away when I reach out with my jacket. So I just put it over her legs and go back over to where I woke up. She says.

“Don’t go.”

It is barely a whisper but I heard it. So I cross the room and sit down next to her. She leans over and puts her head on my chest. I put my left arm around her and she just sighs contentedly. I say.

“I promise I will get you out of here.”

“I know.”


Chapter 3

“I know.”

I look up at Michael and see that he has brown hair and ice blue eyes that I find surprisingly warm. He lays his head back against the wall. I curl up closer to him and he actually lets me. His hand doesn’t move. After a while I fall asleep.


I wake up to the sound of the alarm. Michael Is awake. I look in his eyes to see that there is a fire behind them. He looks down and says.

“ Ready to go?”


I stand up. I put on his jacket. He then hits the door. It goes flying off the hinges. I hear gunshots. Then he says.

“Hang on.”


He doesn’t answer. I climb on his back he walks through the door. Then I feel his muscles tighten. He gets down on all fours and all of a sudden he is a giant Siberian tiger. He takes off running down the hallway. I see a giant hole in the wall. When he runs out of the hole he lays down so I can get off. When I do I hear a growl. I see a giant mountain lion with earth brown eyes pouncing at me. Michael steps in front of me and slashes at it with a paw. Then he transforms back to human and tells it to stop. Amazingly it does.

Then Michael walks over to me and says.

“Are you okay?”

“Yes are you?”

I am visibly shaking and he sees it and says.

“Don’t be scared they will not hurt you.”

“I’m not scared about me, i’m scared about you getting hurt.”

He just laughs. Then I see the giant animals turn into humans. The first two have jet-black hair and earth brown eyes. The second two have blonde hair and bright yellow eyes. The guys are the same build as Michael but he is taller than them. The girls are the same build as I am yet I am taller than them. Michael walks over to me and says.

“I’ll explain later as well as give introductions once you’re safe.”

I just hug him. When I hear a sarcastic cough behind us I back away and I hear Michael growl. He bends down becomes a giant Siberian tiger once again. He lies down so I can climb on his back. Once I am settled I feel like I have finally found where I belong. Like this is where I should be… with Michael… forever.


Chapter 4

Once I am in between his shoulder blades he takes off running. I feel his every breath and every muscle beneath me. His fur is warm. I easily fall asleep.  I dream of Michael becoming a giant tiger and wishing I could as well that way I could be by his side. He says.

“Look your wish is coming true.”

I see that I am turning into a giant tiger as a giant tornado of fire continuously swirls around me. Michael steps through the flame and…the dream ends.

I am gently shaken awake. When I open my eyes I see Michael sitting beside me on a bed. He says.

“Good morning sleeping beauty.”

“Good morning my prince.”

I giggle as the words roll out my mouth. He laughs along with me. Then my stomach growls. He stands up and leaves for a few minutes. I look around and see a dresser with a mirror. The bed is a four-post bed with a canopy. I then see Michael come back through the door carrying a tray of food. There is an apple and a bowl of cereal. Then my eyes hit the vase. I see there are beautiful roses that I first think are alive but then I see that there is no water. He says.

“There ice roses. I make them with my power.”

I just blink and remember that he has done this before. I then pick up the apple and ask.

“Where are we?”


“Well we are in my home in the mountains all alone.”

“So no one else is here with us?”

“Yes that is correct.”

I cross the bed over to Michael and put my arms around his neck. I press my lips to his and press my body as close to his as I can. He puts his arms around me and holds me closer. We stay like this for an hour. When I try to undress him he abruptly backs away shaking his head no. I ask.

“Why not?”

“ We can’t do that yet. Your powers haven’t fully developed.”


“Yes you’re like me so can you please just hang on for a little while longer. For me?”

I sigh. I put my head on his chest and hug him. Then I say.

“ I’ll wait until my powers are fully developed.”

“Thank you.”

He puts his arms back around me and lays back. Soon I drift back asleep only this time its dreamless.

Chapter 5

I wake up and see that michael isn't beside me. i get up and see that i am under the covers. i then hear

"Rabiya are you awake?"


"Can you come here for a minute?"


I get out of the bed and walk along the floor and into the living room. I see the five people who were there that night.



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