The Angel who Blessed a Princess

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic
There are many moments she lives to see, but one she will never see again.

Submitted: January 03, 2014

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Submitted: January 03, 2014



Oh there are moments when the sun does dim
and when I look across the ocean
over the shine-spattered waves are dark.

On these days I cannot sit.
I idly stand by my window, motionless.
I wait for the sun to once again appear
clattering down from the heavens
to shed this dreary world with it splendid light.

The fiery ball that runs through the same blackness of this world
is not the sun I speak of.

I speak of the sun and I picture the face of a man
chizzeled from the finest marble come to life.

I speak of a sweet-tempered angel
with wings bent this way and that
as he cradles the world in them.

I speak of the bluest blue that blew me away
when I opened my eyes to see yours
staring so purely into mine
as you read me silently back into slumber
when I was oh so tired of the life I was living.

Yes, as a princess, I am lined up for a dull life
to live among the physical luxuries
to dine upon the dullness of a life so catered.

No, I am not the one you can try for
as I am slated to an even duller prince
who begs of me for horse rides and roses
when all I want is to swim in the warm waters your light pours over.

Angels are not meant for petty princesses like me,
oh no, 
but how I will remember your anciently young kiss
and the palm of your hand wrapped around the small of my back
in a meadow brighter than theses castle walls.

The pain of remembering is the joy of dreaming
and when I sleep, I sleep next to you.

I twirl your chocolate curls on the tip of my finger
and wear the finest drapery to impress you,
forgetting that you've always loved me for nothing more than my heart.

A prince is a lowly man,
but you, dear angel, lowest of  the classes
in this wrongful world
have blessed me with the treasures of a lifetime
and for that, my heart will always belong to you.

My heart will lie with the sun as it rises and falls
because you are the sun I shine under
and as long as you are there in the skies watching over me
I may live to see another day without you by my side.

© Copyright 2020 crysta. All rights reserved.

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