Both So Beautiful

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This is a poem about a day almost 3 years ago when my entire life was changed all because of one accident. I leanred so much from it and don't know who I would be now if it hadn't happened. I almost erased it from my memory until last week my teacher brought it up and it kind of crushd me.

Submitted: April 10, 2008

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Submitted: April 10, 2008



Both So Beautiful
The silence the befell me
Crushing me until I die
Has been broken and altered
To a point with no more lies
I never spoke of the day
Hoping to let the memory slip
I almost got my wish
Until it was dragged up and away
I could have lied
I could have said anything
But that wouldn’t have kept the memory
Away from collision, crashing
Now my mind is being picked
And my heart just breaks
From the dreaded reality
There is nothing left to take
That day is undeniable
Oh so unforgettable
Unless left to be forgotten
For a time that has been lengthened
I thought I was over it all
I believed it was over
But tears of the lost ones
Still beg to let fall
I shouldn’t give in
I should move forward
But it was dragged out
I still forgive him
That day changed my life
But for the better I’m sure
Without those flames
I would never have known
I would never have known fear
I would never have known hatred
Both so unbearable
I would never have known forgiveness
I would never have known hope

Both so beautiful

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