High Schoolers

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This is a poem about all the arrogant people in high school who think they are the best and everything in life will be handed to them. This is about the people who pay so much more attention to themselves and friends that they fail and are held back and still expect to get into a good college just because they can afford it. This is about the teens who purposefully hurt other people just for the reaction.

Submitted: April 08, 2008

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Submitted: April 08, 2008



High Schoolers
Just sit there loving yourself
Absorb it all in
Take in what’s there
Forget all you’ve hurt
Forget all those you’ve sheared
Just keeping telling yourself
You’re the best and
No one can touch you
Just keep believing you’re at the front of the race
Forget all those behind you
Forget all those you’ve trampled
Being polite is not your idea of a fun time
Ignorance is swelling in you
Blinding your judgment
Keeping you from them
So just keep loving yourself
More and more each day
Maybe when you’re older you’ll find
Another just like you
And you can throw stones
In your glass home

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