Sunscreen and Waves

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Sort of my own thoughts at the beach one day, so I wrote it down! :)

Submitted: February 17, 2012

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Submitted: February 17, 2012



I was re-applying sunscreen when I saw the little  aqua blue LED light on my phone was flashing. I picked it up out of my sandy tote, dusting some of the sand off and reading the new text message. It was Lane.

"Coming home soon?"

"Miss you! So much!"

"Babe? Are you in the water?"

I dried the salty brine off of my hands with my T-shirt. I had been surfing since I got to the beach, and had missed a call from Lane, with these three unread messages. I typed a quick response.

"Been surfing. Going back in <3!!" I hit send and threw my phone back into my bag. Picking my board back up, which was neon green with cyan flowers and hearts on the top. I sat down and carded my board. After it was wax free, I applied a new coat of pina colada wax.

I watched the waves. Which had calmed down a alot in the last ten minutes; what were sweet swells ten minutes ago were now rollers. I was disappointed as I walked my board back up to my beach towel.

I discarded my board shorts and headed back into the water. I waded carefully, feeling small shells create a slight pressure on the bottoms of my feet.

A small roller raised me to my toes so I could keep my chest above water. I waited for a slightly bigger rollers a few feet out. When it approached I lifted my feet off the water as the wave suspended me I floated myself further out.


The sun was sinking into the sea. I rode the rollers back in. I noticed someone by my board; which was usually admired. But it made me uncomfortable that this person was holding it. I came closer to see Lane holding my board.

"Waves were good today?" He asked.

I ran to his arms. I missed him so much.

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