Lander Lake

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Submitted: March 16, 2016

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Submitted: March 16, 2016




Chapter 1 (v.1) - Lander Lake


It was a still calm night sitting on the dock at lander lake in a small town out side the states.
ripples formed as the wind blew a warm light breeze.
thoughts crossing my mind as i ponder onto my life.
Alone at the Middle of the night. sitting here on this dock. thinking.
The summer has began and school is over. last party of the year is tomorrow night. 
 I may not even go.
Party time! being most popular girl at lander high. I was a role model to all my peers.
Leading role in drama class. Class president. on every page in the year book.
I was two people each day i woke up in this no where town.
Good girl by day & bad girl by night. Most people knew of me. No one really knew the real me.
the side me i kept locked deep inside of me.
My so called friends and then my true friends I've known all my life. even they didn't know my deep dark 
secrets. I sure didn't want anyone to know about that part of my life.
People here have never left this small pathic town. to scare i guess. I however will leave this town one day. Set my life free.
My mother died when i was little. She was a drug whore who worked at the truck stop two towns over. Everyone know what she did for a living. many people in this town hated her for what she had become. The looks and glares every time we walked out the front door. i was only little but even then i knew it was wrong. i was ashamed of her.
My father wasn't even sure if i was his blood child. but he raised me any way. 
He wasn't the worlds greatest dad but he was my dad. he worked at the old gold mine. After my mother was raped and murdered, my dad became a drunk who is a loner. we don't even talk any more.
Living in a town of very few, In a two bedroom shack. isn't my kind of life to live.


Chapter 2 (v.1) - The Day Has Come


Today is the 13 year since my mother my mother was murdered.
Not the best day in the year for me. I woke up in a bad mood. considering the reason. who could blame me.
however i get up, get ready for a summer day at the lake.
I'm at the lake & the music is blaring loud. People are enjoying themselves.
Jumping in the lake, swimming. This is going to be a fun day she thought to her self.
Contest of all sorts and kissing booths. O joy!
She met up with her friends. Started to mingle around.
running into her ex boyfriend who cannot seem to understand it's over between them.
hey baby hows it going? get loss and she walks away.
 Hey guys lets go for a swim its hot. time to cool off.
So they head down to the lake. 
after awhile of swimming they get a bite to eat. Hot dogs or burgers guys? all say HOT DOGS!!
sitting and chatting over lunch. they talk about what their life will be like after they all go to college.
although i hadn't plan on going to college. my friends didn't know that.
Of course it's a bore listening to them talk about how great the colleges they are going to.
yet i listen to them ramble on and on.
This whole day i hadn't know i was being watched from a distance. if i had know now what was ahead to happen.
i would have locked myself up in a room all day and night.


Chapter 3 (v.1) - Later That Night


Later on that night i was doing what I have always done on a summer night.
Sit on the dock alone. Thinking about my life.
I heard nosies in the woods near by. thinking nothing of it. Just teenage kids doing what they do in the woods, Have sex.
I chose to tune it all out.
I kept on doing what i was doing. not long after i heard the noise move closer. I turned to look, saw nothing.
Keeping my guard up and a look out. never know what will happen in this town.
I had no idea this would happen to me or in this town. Yet, it did. 
I saw a creepy figure in the woods. i get up and move closer to see if i could find out what or who it was.
i yell out. Who are you? no answer. duh, my first mistake was asking. just like in movies i acted like the dumb bimbo with big tits and no brains. I reach for my knife. i have it ready in my hand. A black shadow kept moving around so i walked closer and closer.
from no where i was tackled down to the ground.
I'm fighting for my life. The heaviness on me i couldn't get it off. I am unable to stab it.
i am pinned down. i try to kick it but i cannot feel.
Next thing i know i wake up. In a place i cannot see where i am. I hear a voice softly.
I'm thinking what the hell?. where am i?.  who's voice do i hear?.
The voice is saying. "years ago, i was there for your mother. i had her clean and sober. before you was born. she betrayed me and left me for another man. your mother was a drug whore. Now my only child is following in her steps." I was speechless to what was being said. I didn't know the voice or what he said was all about.
All i could say was. "I'm sorry she did that to you please do not punish me of her choices"
He didn't say another word to me. he just walked away.


Chapter 4 (v.1) - Time Passes On...I Suffer!!


I see day light sneaking through a tiny hole above me. Where could i be i had no clue.
I kept thinking how can i escape this nightmare?. i was chained to a table. laying flat, unable to get lose.
he comes in a door with no sign of life behind him. He takes a small knife and cuts on the flesh of my legs.
i scream out bloody murder. HELP! HELP!
no one will come he says. we are to deep away down.
I cried out even more as the knife kept slicing my skin. Warm blood pouring out dripping out of my leg.
a hammer hit's my arm bones crushing pain shoots through my body. i shed waterfall tears flow out of my eyes.
Mean while everyone else..
My father hasn't even noticed i'm gone i'm sure. it saddens me i have to suffer for another persons choices and the ones i love haven't searched for me. 
Days have gone by. I felt no one care. if they did why haven't they found me yet?.
My father has start to worry about me and begin a search party for me. little did i know at the time.
He gathered my friends up & filed a missing person report for me.
I hear strange noises around me it's too dark to see.
 i feel stabbings of needles digging into my body the pain i could not bare.
Cold metal reaching my eye lids, Claps holding them open.
Needles poking in my eyes..again i cry out for help.
He tells me to shut up and take the pain. no one can save me now.
i'd given up on being saved.
Slicing my skin even more over my face this time.
I've been bleeding for days, my body has become weak.


Chapter 5 (v.1) - I Am Saved


What will happen next crossed my mins,When will i die?.
he then tells me the story of why.
"Your mother and I were together a long time. we were happy. she was pregnant with you when she met your step father.
he got her on drugs and made her a whore. she left me for that. she ran to this small town and never spoke to me again. i found her when you were little. she was turning tricks at the truck stop. it was late night when she was waiting for her next fuck. I kidnap her took her here and tortured her till she died. a slow death of pain and suffering. now it's your turn to die. before you become her. you look just like her."
Then he wrapped my hands and legs in chains. taped my mouth shut. blind folded me. Carrying me to a place i do not know.
I felt water reaching my body. I'm drowning in the lake. I don't fight it. I let it happen.
As I reach the bottom, I feel a force taking over me. Life being sucked right out of me.
As moments pass on by, A light comes to me. I was hoping it was death coming to finish taking me.
A face appears in front of me. My mother's face. A anger rage came over me. Until she told me "Baby,it isn't your time to die. stop being like me and living a secret life. be free. to set me free, my body remains here in this lake. my sprit will live here till i'm found. yes,the man who tried to kill you. killed me. yes he was your biological father. i love you."
she then set me free and floated me to the top. there i saw help. boats coming towards me i let out a weak cry. I'm over here!
I was scooped up and rushed to the hospital. I was wounded pretty bad, close to death just by my wounds.
i was saved by my dead mother. how could i explain that to people?. news reporters were surrounding my room. cops where questioning me. wanting answers. I told them who the guy was, i couldn't give a name. i didn't have a name. 
I told them what happened an who might would know a name. 


Chapter 6 (v.1) - After I Was Saved


After a day he was arrested for my mothers murder and attempted murder on me.
I then thought, I was set free. Little did i know, me being saved wasn't what was planned for me.
My father had it all set up. He wants me dead. at the time i didn't know this was true or even known of.
My father of all people wants me dead. i couldn't bare the pain. after all my biological father just tried to kill me
now my step father wants me dead to. all this set me into a nervous break down.
My best friends show up to see me. The OMG's and all the poor thing comments drove me crazy.
at least they care. so i kept telling myself. when do you get to come home? in a week or so.
Great!! we will plan a welcome home party for you. OMG,its going to be so fun. Guys i think its great you want to throw A welcome 
home party but it's too soon for me to interact with people.
Non sense honey you will have a great time. We must go. get better. we are going to plan your party.
The cops got the answers and so the reporters got their story. People thought this was my fame ticket to getting out of here. Fame to a life they thought i wanted. Wrong. This wasn't the way i wanted out of this hell hole town. I'm very smart and talented. I could do it on my own. An so i did.
I left the hospital in a taxi. I planed on escaping this hell hole town. Leaving behind everyone i knew.
So I did. i went to the truck stop and hit the road. Traveling the world was my call.
so i did just that. this time i left a note behind stating "I cannot live in this town. I have chosen to leave it behind. I'm not missing.
I want no contact with anyone. Good-Bye"
By night fall i was in another state. I felt free at last. Free from the pain and misery i left behind. In time i had to leave it behind in my heart and mind. Where will i go?. How will i make money to live? Learn as i go.


Chapter 7 (v.1) - On My Own


6 months later....
So here i am in the great state of New York. I had saved enough money on my traveling days, to get this great apartment.
I landed a job as a magazine article writer at New York Times. New Yorks largest an most best magazine in the world.
I started my first day today. I was very excited to start my new job.
I get to work an i meet new people. I get to write articles. I get to be a whole new person. Leaving my old life behind me forever.
Hello There. welcome to New York Time Magazine. I am Beth your boss. now here we are fast pase an always on time. no time for mistakes...Ok. I'm so excited to be here. Good. now I'll show you your new office. it is a small office, however its yours. a great view if i may add. You will be working side by side with Zac. he will be training you and will be your editor. now i'll leave the two of you to work.
Hello Zac. I am.. yes you are Tara. yes I've heard good thing's about you. Welcome. Now we have a lot of work to do. Hoping you are up for it. Yes, as a matter of fact i am up for anything. I had notice Zac looking at the scars on my arm. A look i was use to. However it did not affect my ability to do my job.
After work i was walking home. I saw a little restaurant called 21. very classy an nice. I went in to get a bite to eat and a glass of wine.  Watching people mingling and laughing among them self's. I on the other hand was alone. Yet i am content with my new life. a fresh start. 
The waiter comes to take my order. Hello. what may i get for you? He was charming and sweet looking. Yes, I'd like a fish plater with a chef salad and a glass of white wine please. Coming up. Thank you.
My this is delicious I thought to myself.
After my dinner i decided to take a walk around and site see.
it's so beautiful here. warm weather this time of year. Pretty lights. A huge crowd of people all the time. Yet it's the city that never sleeps. After a few hours of site seeing i head home.
walking into my complex i wasn't watching where i was going and i bumped into a man. O My. I'm sorry. Hello dear. it's ok i'm fine and you? I'm ok thanks for asking. Are you new to the complex? Yes. Nice to see new faces here. I'm Jared. I'm Tara. Tara tomorrow night I'm going to dinner with some clients. would you join me? Um. I..I don't know. we just met and all. Ok well here is my number in case you change your mind. Dinner is at 8pm.


Chapter 8 (v.1) - At Work


I head into work with much thought of Jared on my mind. The dinner tonight. should i go or stay home alone. Tara, I see you made it on time. very good. a hard day of work didn't scare you away yesterday. No. i enjoyed work. here it's a new journey each day.
Glad you feel that way. Let's get started. 
Today we are writing about 1940's celebrities. who was famous and how they became famous. Where are they now.
your job will be getting the information on where they are now & i will write the rest. We have to have this story done in two weeks. Top story of the month. It is very important we make this perfect. No problem. However don't i get to have a say in the writing i mean we are a team to write together. shouldn't i do more than getting the story?
In time you will. this is training to show me what you will do to get the story. then you will train to write it.
To me this isn't what i thought would happen when i started. but it's a job, a job that pays damn good.
At 5pm i called Jared. I set up the dinner date with him. We met in the lobby of our complex. He was very ravishing looking. In a suite an tie. I how ever was dressed in a tannish gold dress. cocktail dress, with matching shoes. when our eyes met, he was stunned by my beauty. Hello darling, it's a pleasure to have you join me for dinner.
Thank you. It's my pleasure to join you. Shall we go to dinner.
At Dinner....
We walk in an i was stunned by the fancy yet classy decoration of the restaurant. I had never seen such a beauty.
He pulled my chair out as i sit down he introduces me. Everyone I'd like to introduce my date. Tara. Tara this is everyone.
Dinner was delicious, thank you. You are most welcome.
Now that we are alone. shall we talk? Yes,that would be nice. After a long conversation over dinner. It's time to say good night.
He kissed her cheek and gave a friendly hug. Shall we have dinner again? Yes. I'd like that. she walks in and closes the door.


Chapter 9 (v.1) - 3 Months Later


As i'm sitting here working on a new story i get a call.
Hello. Tara? yes this is she. who's calling? Your Past! and hangs up. Tara is frighten by the creepy voice on the other end, the past has found me. I start to panic. The past can ruin my future. I shall not let it.
I can't call a unknown number. But i know who it is. I will end this.....TO BE CONTINUED!



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