Lander Lake "The Hunt"

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: ice2modern

She finds her future husband but things take a turn

The Hunt
Aw the smell of fresh coffee in the morning. As i get up fix a cup, I watch the sun rise in the new york sky.
What to wear to work?. I ponder on that thought. Hmm,  Maybe my black dress with pink shoes and scarf. O the news is on. As i get ready an listen to the news talk about the city issues. I start thinking of my own issues.
How was i going to stop the past from returning. My father already knows where i am. He wants me dead, I don't know why. There's something I don't know about. I must dig into the past. Where to start?. How to find the clues.
 Walking to work  i was splashed by mud water by the big food truck driving by. Not my day. I scream out "Really!!"  I get into the office,  O course, yes, everyone is laughing at me. "Yuck it up guys." i go in my office and by luck i have jeans and a shirt in my mini closet.
Zac comes in, Tara you have the story ready on celebs Where are they now. Um yes it's on my desk. Well get it we have a presentation in in 5 minutes. "A What.." Yes you heard correct. now lets go. "Ok." 
As we walk into the huge room i see 8 people sitting around. waiting for the main man, the head honcho, the.. Welcome everyone, We are here for the presentation of "Where Are They Now." I must say this story must be really, Really good to make it big in this magazine." I welcome you Zac & Tara to the front. I became extremely nervous. My hands we shaking. Zac Did all the talking i just stood there. Nice work. Now on to..
After work i went to my fav place. I sat there waiting for my dinner.  Jared walks in and he is looking very handsome today.
He walks over to me. Hi Tara how are you doing? O my day was alright. how are you?
I am Wonderful now that i'm here with you. I have been thinking about our first date. An was hoping for a second date.
"My, I think a second date would be sweet."  Good. how bout tomorrow night at 8pm. Just you & i? "I think that would be wonderful."
Great. in the mean time, do you mind if i continue to join you now? "No, I don't mind." ring ring Excuse me i have to take this call. "hello." you think sitting with him will change the fact i'll get you. when i do, I will finish the job my brother started." hangs up.
The scared confused look on my face as my hands shook. Tara, you ok? "yes, I'm fine thank you."
As i relax in the tub i ponder on the call. Remembering what was said. "I will finish the job my brother started." this means my step father was my uncle. my mother left my father for my uncle. who has been rasing me.
OMG!!  OMG!! I couldn't believe the life I didn't know about was a life of Jerry Springer trailer trash!! this is just awful. 
How was I going to end this crazy madness? I wasn't sure.
I brought out my laptop. started looking up my mothers past. Searching for what I wasn't sure. Anything and everything.
I could find. 
News paper clips...
"A local woman named Heather Anne Bea, 34, was found in the local lake. After her daughter Tara Anne Bea,18, was found in the lake barely alive. After attempted murder on Tara. we were able to find her mothers remains after many years of searching. Her mothers murder was solved. A local man, Jeff bea,56, was arrested for the murder of Heather Anne Bea And attempted murder of Tara Anne Bea. He did confess to the murder of Heather Anne Bea. He was charged with first degree murder. he remains in prison until sentenced." 
The article was a shocker to me. I hadn't seen it. even though it's been 10 months since it all happened. I don't even know how long Jeff will be in prison. What prison? when is his court date? will i have to be there?
The next day i called my towns jail searching for answers. He was sent to a Long Island prison. As I called the prison I asked when his court date was. It was in one month. I gathered the information on where.
I'm going to plan a road trip. I'm going to find out how long my mothers murderer was going down.
I took a week off from work. In advance.
Date night with Jared. I must get ready. As i turn on some music and lay out my outfit. I run a bubble bath. After wards i'm dancing in front of the mirror as i put on my makeup. Fixing my hair o joy!
Slide on my heels. Look in the full length mirror, My O My, I'm looking stunning and confident to night.
I gather my thing's and head out the door.
Hello beautiful. you are looking very gorgeous tonight, I'm a lucky man. "Thank you handsome. You are looking stunning yourself."
Shall we get going. "yes lets." I've made dinner reservations and afterwards i thought we could go dancing. "My you planned a delightful night for us."  Yes for a wonderful woman such as yourself, I couldn't dare not to. "You are a charmer aren't you?" Yes ma'am I am trying to win a beautiful heart over." It's working.
As we walk in all eyes were on us. People smiling at us. He pulls my chair out for i sit down. thinking I'm in heaven. I have a dream life. A great job, A handsome man who wants my heart. I think I'm falling for him.
Court For Jeff Bea's
As she travels alone to be there for Jeff's court date. She's still trying to find out the missing pieces to the puzzle. Why her uncle and father want her dead. Why?. Only they have the answers. The answer's she needed to continue living her life with out fear.
As the road became shorter in time became longer. She had plenty of time to think about thing's.
She turns up her radio and sings along to her favorite songs.
  Night time has arrived. Looking for a motel room to stay at. She finds one 40 miles up the road. It's a nice little motel with a small cafe in it.
She checks in and comes down for dinner. Drinks a glass of wine and gets lost in her thoughts.
She is falling for a man she hardly knows. His charming ways and good looks. Smart,Funny,Hard working. Although she isn't sure what his job profession is. He seems to be a market broker.
However she shouldn't be thinking about a relationship until this mystery is solved.
What she knows about this story:
Her stepfather is her uncle, Her attempted killer is her father, Her mother was a truck stop whore who was on drugs.
Her Father killed her mother for leaving him for her uncle who is his brother. Her father is in prison, Her uncle known as her step father is hunting her down to kill her.
However i am unclear as to why? What do they have against me to kill me.
Court 9:00 am
In the matter of Jeff Bea VS Long Island state, I have read your case for first degree murder on Heather Anne Bea and Second degree attempted murder on Tara Anne Bea. Has Mr. Bea lawyer and the DA come to terms on a agreement yet? Not yet your honor. Why haven't you? Your honor we would like to take the second degree attempted murder charge to trial. An 15 years with out parole on the first degree murder charge. Abjection your honor. the DA says sustain. Your honor as the DA team has requested Mr.Bea to serve 30 to 40 years in prison for the torture he put a innocent woman through.
We will take this to trial at 8:00 am in the morning and I will make my final decision. court adjourned
All day and night i sat to wonder what his sentence will be on one of his charges. How the trial will go. RING RING, "Hello there honey." I was on lunch and was calling to see how your trip was going? "It's going so far. I should be back in a few days though. you think we can get together?" Honey I'd love to. I was thinking since we have such a strong connection. If you would like to be my girlfriend? "As in all yours?" Yes. "I'd love to be your girlfriend." Great! I mean wonderful. so I'll see you in a few days then? "Yes hun."
I toss and turn in bed. Thoughts going through my mind constantly. I get up for a while an then back to bed. all through the night I cannot sleep. The deep heavy thoughts of this trial. weighing me down like rocks pulling me under water.  
.   OffvTo Trial We Go
All rise To The Judge Hawkins. You may be seated. In the matter of Mr. Bea VS The state of Long Island. Case of first degree murder of Heather Anne Bea. I sentence you to 30 years of prison with out parole. In the case of second degree attempted murder on Tara Anne Bea, Trail may start. Mr. Jenkins do you have any witnesses to bring forward? No your honor. wait your honor, sorry to interrupt court. but I am Tara Anne Bea. You may come forward Mrs. Bea.
  The DA starts questioning me. Mrs. Bea where were when Mr. Bea attacked you? I was at Lander Lake sitting on the dock. the more the DA asked me question's the more intense the question's were. I began to get upset. 
The DA call's Mr. Bea to the  stand.
Mr. Bea why did you attack Mrs. Bea? Mrs. Bea's mother was my ex girlfriend. Her mother left me while pregnant for my brother.
So you attacked Mrs. Bea for the choices her mother made. Yes. Mr. Bea did you cut and torture Mrs. Bea? Yes. With what? Knifes,Needles,whips and chains. Mr. Bea did you enjoy torturing Mr. Bea? yes. Why? she had no part in her mothers choices. 
She may not have but vengeance shall be mine. No further questions your honor.
After many hours of the trials questioning. The day has ended and still no sentence has taken place yet.
Day Two In Court. 8:00am
  All Rise. You may be seated. After another day of trial. They sentenced Jeff Bea to 20 years in prison. total of 50 years in prison for both crimes. He will die in prison. I was satisfied with his sentence.
 I started to walk out the court jeff yells out to me. "You ask your uncle how much you are worth!" then i knew at that very moment. They wanted me dead for money. All over money. My life was in danger for money. how much i didn't know.
I was surly going to find out how much.
As I started driving home thinking wtf. so i take exit 145 to head to my old home. I was going to face the man who wants me dead. he was going to deal with me weather he wanted to or not.notTo The Past I Go
As i pull into the drive way, I hear the rock gravel on the tires. The thought of going back to the place i left behind. The place i hated with a passion. To the person who raised me as his own and now wants me dead.  Now I'm going to face him, I'm going to find the truth.  As i park my car, I sit there for a moment. Just looking at the door. Wondering can I do this. I Can. I will.
I open my door,i step out of the car and shut the door. I smell the scent of raw fish. From the lake. Rotten,stinky smell. I was scared of what could happen. I knocked on the door. no answer. he wasn't home. I took a look around the place.
The storage building was locked up. I looked through a small hole in the back. I see sling blades hanging up and a table. it brought back memories of pain and damage. I went through with my biologic father. 
As i kept walking around the place i see dead burnt grass near the wood line. The smell of burnt flesh coming from the woods. 
Curious to know what the smell really was. I walk further into the woods, down a small path. I sneak up on a man his back was facing me. standing over a fire. I hide behind a tree. he moves away from the fire..i see a human head hanging on a stick. I covered my mouth so i wouldn't scream out in fear. I continue to watch to see what will happen next.
He start skinning the flesh of the body. He chopped the head off and then tortured the body that was still twitching from nerves.
I couldn't believe what i was seeing. i had to get out of there before he caught me. 
I get into my car and haul ass out of there. I get out of town and call my boyfriend Jared. 
I got his voice mail, so I leave a message saying. Hey baby, I'm headed home. I'll call you later.
As i drove home i couldn't get the sight of the young woman's murdered body off my mind. I didn't know what to do. should i call the police or what?. I continue to drive away looking in my rear view mirror to see if he was following me. I didn't think he heard or saw me. But I could be wrong. he might just not have made it known that he knew i was there.



At Home At Last


As I walk into my home i lock all my locks on the door and windows. I close all the curtains. I felt a little safer.
RING RING I jumped and hit my head. I hesitated to answer my phone. I didn't answer. KNOCK KNOCK...OMG! I'm shanking. I again hesitate to answer, I scream out "who is it?" Jared. OMG i was so thankful it was him. I opened the door and gave him the biggest huge ever. I told him "please just hold me tight for just a moment." an so he did. 
As we sat down at the kitchen table. I felt a deeper connection between us. He asked if i was ok. I told him yes I'm fine.
He proceeds to carry on a conversation of a different sort. A much deeper serious conversation. In face it was breath taking.
He tells me, Baby we have been together for a few months but I Love You. And he gets on one knee an brings out a ring. A huge diamond ring. Will you marry me?  OMG are you serious? Yes, dear. Please say you will be my wife? YES! Yes I Will marry you! They kiss passionately and hugged one another tightly. She was very excited. to be engaged to a new love and her only first true love.
But now she has to tell him the truth about her secret.  She sets him down offers him coffee. as they start sipping on coffee. she begins to tell him. The expression on his face, I didn't know if he thought i was crazy or if he was going to run off and leave me.
Then he spoke. Baby, I will stand by your side through it all. We will take each day as it comes our way. I promise."
I felt so relieved and relax as he spoke those words. I started to cry, Tears of happiness.
He wiped my tears and gave me a soft kiss on the lips.
We laid in bed an cuddled up to one another as i fell asleep in his arms. 
Great Day At Work
I head in to work. With a huge smile on my face. Trotting into the office as if i owned it. Co- Workers looking at me in a good shock way. asking me why i was so happy. so i announce my engagement at work. Everyone was excited  for me.
Zac walks in the door and tells me we have a meeting about a new assignment in 15. 
I was ready for anything. I felt so good i could take on the world right now.
I come out of the meeting and Zac is upset that the meeting didn't go the way he planned. however, it went in my favor. 
I was find a story of my choice and write it. I chose my life. At this point my life has be come a horror movie. I felt it would make a damn good story with a slight twist. Plus if my story ranks in the number's 1-3 spot in ratings, I will get a promotion to a higher position. I will get a bigger office and employee of the month. Zac was jealous. he had been there for years an was never offered a higher position at the office. 
Me at New York Times, A head story writer of my choice. I was even more excited about my life. I couldn't wait to get off work and tell my future husband. 
Fear Of Messages
I get home check my answer machine. 8 new messages. I was disgusted and scared by the messages i had heard.
My step father slash uncle left creepy messages. I called Jared right then. he was 4 hours from here on a business trip.
I waited for him to get. 
2am he still hadn't gotten here. RING RING "hey baby sorry i'm late i'm stuck here in traffic but i will be there as soon as i can." I couldn't complain at least he was coming an he did call me.
 The message were breath taking.
Talking about how he was going to hang me by my feet with my hands tied up. slicing my flesh with a razor blade, watching me flop around like a fish. Taking a bat and beating me just to watch the blood drip from my body..
Saying how he cut my mothers hands off starting with her fingers..How she screamed in pain. He screamed with her in joy.
Watching her suffer for a long time gave him pleasure. Watching her jerk around in pin as he slice & diced her flesh. By the time he was done with her, No one could identify her. 
I couldn't listen to it any more.
I had chills running down my spin. I couldn't bare the thought of dieing like my mother did.  I just could not let it happen.
I couldn't believe he killed her because she left him for his brother. Maybe so. Maybe he was just a killer and now the truth comes out about the both of them. maybe it's because they hate drug whores and the thought of them producing one made them want to kill me. Because I'd be like her. But i am far from her. My secret wasn't because I was drug whore. I just sold dope to pay bills.
KNOCK KNOCK Jared baby! I am so glad you are here. OMG listen to these messages they are terrifying. Listen, He will not harm you I refuse to let it happen. I believe you baby. Take you a hot bath and relax< I'll make you some warm honey tea.


4 Months Later


Wow! 2 weeks till our wedding day! I am so..just..flipping dipping happy!! I gather the girls up (my new friends I've  made over the past few months)  It's time ladies to finish planing and getting thing's done for this beautiful wedding. 
Now let's start with the location.
We have the Garden of Maria all set up with the red carpet walk way. Dazzling White & dark pink rose arch way at the alter.
pearl white table clothes over viewing the garden of wild flowers.  The center pieces are dazzling with beaded blue roses.
O my so much beauty going on ladies i love it. Next week we will get together and set up the rest. 
thank you ladies for all your hard work. Now let's grab a bite to eat,I'm paying!
 As they ate dinner, gabbing over dinner. Girl talk and all, Clothes n shoes. Men an romance.
She's having a wonderful time with the girls. 
As the night comes to a end. Her friends have already left. She is walking to her car.
She gets hit in the head..shoved in a trunk....

Submitted: March 20, 2016

© Copyright 2021 Crystal Knight. All rights reserved.

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