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I came up with a good idea to kinda write about that annoying voice that keeps telling you that you are bad, you arent good enough, you know that kind of thing just tell me what you think about it i would greatly appreciate it. Thank you! =)

Submitted: April 05, 2012

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Submitted: April 05, 2012



What is going on.

Am I going mad?

I hear this voice.

It is telling me to go.

But where?

I can’t obey it.

I don’t want to stray far.

But I’m told to trust it.

How can I?

Many people have, but

They have been hurt.

It is killing me.

This constant voice.

Telling me to run.

I cant.

I cant.

I cant.

 I would like to.

But there is too much to leave behind.

This voice could kill you.

Bring you to the point of destruction.

Just think.

No worries.

No voice.

No hatred.

Just peace.

This is the problem.

Our surroundings.

We are hopeless.

And broken.

We are in search of a need.

There is none.

So that’s why there is the voice.

That deadly voice.

It’ll cut you until you can’t take it no more.

This will happen one day.

Unless you listen to the voice.

Don’t listen to its lies.

Its putdowns

And it’s hurt.

Listen to yourself.

Be true to you.

Believe that you are great.

 And don’t let the voice hurt you.

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