Lifes Tricks

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I was Upset with my mom and i decided that i wanted to write this i think it came out good i just want to see what my addiance thinks

Submitted: January 14, 2012

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Submitted: January 14, 2012



Life plays tricks on us
Tricks like no other person can play
No one understands how it does it, or why it does it
Understand is a big word for us to grasp onto
Grasp onto reality
Onto life

Life we say sucks
Life we say is great
there is no in between when it comes to life
Life for me is leaning more towards sucks
Towards sucks because im with two families
Two families hurts
Family is not a big word in my heart

My heart is crushed and broken
Broken from the past
The past was worse
worse because of choices that were made
Choices that turned into this new life
Turned to less time with my old family
My new family im spending time with more

How could there be a plan in this life?
A plan for the better?
Better could have came long ago,
Long ago life came crashing down
Down is were we are standing today

Today there is bitterness and broke hearts
Broken hearts because im gone
Gone from a family once all together
The family who wants me back
Back to them
They should have done something

Something to stop her
Stop her from ruining alot of lives
Life for her is bad
Bad just like her past
Her past was too much for her to handle
Too much to handle her own kids
Her kids were by themselves everyday
Everyday was a Ramen noodle day
Day in and day out she was gone

Gone with the guys
Guys that got her into drugs
Drugs ruined everyones life
Life is gone
Life you have to learn to love it
Learn how to say no
No to whats bad, or a
Bad life is whats in store.

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